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This document shows how to copy an approved Position in PeopleSoft HRS for all campuses, except UW-Madison. UW-Madison uses, JEMS (Job and Employee Management System).

1. Go to Organizational Development > Position Management > Maintain Positions/Budgets > Add/Update Position Info

2. Click the Add a New Value tab.

3. Click the Add button


4. Click the Initialize button on the right.
initialize button

5. Enter or use the Look up icon to find the Position number you would like to copy.

6. Click OK. Attributes of the copied position will populate except for Empl Class (when there is more than one option), Continuity and Pay Basis.

Position Info Description Tab

Position Information Section:
Position Information section
  • Effective Date (defaults to today's date): The Effective Date of the Position must be equal to or earlier than the Start Date of the employee(s) being hired into the Position in Job Data.
  • Reason field defaults to NEW. Do not change this value because NEW is the correct reason when creating a new Position.
Job Information Section:

Job Information Section

7. Copy/Delete the selected Job Code and cut it from the field or if unknown, click on the data lookup icon
lookup icon and search for the Job Code and click on the appropriate value in the drop down list.

8. Tab out of the Job Code field.

9. Paste/Re-enter the Job Code. Tab out of the Job Code field. Notice how Reg/Temp, Regular Shift, Full/Part Time, Union Code and Short Title default in.

10. Full/Part Time: 100% is Full-Time and <100% is Part-time.

11. The Title field can be changed to a working title.

Empl Class (e.g. FA) matches the selected Job Code. If the Empl Class field is blank, click on the drop-down arrow, and select the appropriate Empl Class code. For a list of Empl Class definitions refer to KB 15813.

Continuity: the Continuity Code is based on the duration of the job as specified in the employee's contract. Click on the drop-down arrow and select the appropriate Continuity Code.

14.  Pay Basis: The principal condition in terms of time, production or other criteria, along with salary rate, which determines the compensation paid to an employee. You can find an employee's Pay Basis on HR Position and on HR Job Data record, Job Information tab. KB 29426.

Work Location Section:

Work Location section
  • Department: enter the 7-character appointing department which begins with your campus alpha code identifier (e.g. B483300), for more information see KB 16632. If unknown click on the data lookup Lookup icon icon and search for the appropriate value. After entering the Department, verify that the correct department description displays.
  • Location: enter the 5-character Location which begins with your alpha campus code identifier (e.g. B1921). If unknown, click on the data lookup lookup icon icon and search for the appropriate value. After entering the Location, verify that the correct location description displays.
  • Reports To: Optional - enter the Position number of the Supervisor of this Position.
  • Salary Plan Information Section:

    Salary plan section
    • Salary Admin Plan and Grade default based on the Job Code.
    • Standard Hours/FTE (full time equivalent) default to 40/full time. If the Standard Hours/FTE field needs to be changed, enter the appropriate Standard Hours for the Position. The FTE will calculate based on the standard hours entered. See KB 18202.
      • Lump Sum and Non Paid Positions enter the value of "0.01" in Standard Hours field. The FTE field will correctly default to "0.000250". HRS will not accept 0.00.
      • Student Hourly (SH), LTEs (CL) and Academic hourlies need Standard Hours of 0.01.
    • Work Period will automatically populate based on Business Unit, Job Code, Empl Class, and Pay Basis previously entered above.

    Below the Salary Plan Information section, locate the icon for the USA flag USA Flag. Click on the black triangle next to the USA flag to expand the section. When expanded, the section displays fields for FLSA Status and Bargaining Unit. (see screenshot below).

  • In the FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) Status field, the value will automatically populate, based on previous information entered for the Position. The FLSA Status field indicates whether the Position is exempt from overtime pay or nonexempt.
  • To change the FLSA Status, click on the drop-down arrow to select either Exempt or Nonexempt, as required.
  • Do not Save until all tabs are completed.

    Specific Information tab. Default values are shown in the screenshot below.

    Specific information tab
  • In the Max Head Count field, HRS shows the default value of one. If there will be multiple incumbents (which is rare for budgeted Positions), enter the appropriate maximum number (greater than one) in the Max Head Count field.
  • Verify that the Budgeted Position check box has been checked.

  • Budget and Incumbents tab to review headcount
    budget and incumbents

    15. Click the Save button.

    • After saving:
      • HRS automatically assigns an 8-digit Position Number (e.g. 02069885) on the Description Tab. IMPORTANT: make note of the Position number assigned by HRS to use when hiring in Job Data.
      • HRS populates Current Head Count
      • Salary Admin Plan and Grade on the Description Tab under the Salary Plan Information.
    After position has been saved

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