UW Digital ID (Personal Certificate) - Requesting a Digital Certificate

This document outlines the process of requesting and retrieving a digital certificate for the purposes of digitally signing and / or encrypting emails and documents.

Multiple Email Addresses

If you have multiple email addresses (e.g. bucky.badger@wisc.edu and bucky.badger@doit.wisc.edu) that you would like on your certificate, please fill out a request with your primary address and contact UW Digital ID Administration at uwdigitalid@doit.wisc.edu with your secondary email addresses.

  1. Navigate to https://certs.uwdigitalid.wisconsin.edu/. If prompted to, please select your campus and log in with your specific institution's credentials.

  2. If you are not already on the "Request Certificate" page, click the "Request Certificate" header. Confirm that the information pre-filled is correct and make any necessary corrections. Click "Request Digital Certificate" to submit the form.

    Valid E-Mail Addresses

    Only addresses ending in a UW System *.edu (e.g. wisc.edu, uwec.edu) domain and some *.org addresses will be accepted. If you are unable to set your desired address, please contact UW Digital ID Administration at uwdigitalid@doit.wisc.edu with the address you would like to request.

    Personal vs. Role Certificates

    Personal certificates are certificates that are associated with personal email accounts / individuals. These require some form of identity proofing (called credentialing) to show that you are the true requester of a digital certificate.

    Role certificates are certificates that can only be associated with role or service accounts (i.e. email addresses for a service than an individual). While these do not require credentialing, they can only be requested for role / service accounts. Please contact your local help desk if you are unsure if an email address is associated with a role / service account.

  3. Check your email for to verify your email address. Click the link in the email or copy and paste the link into your browser.

  4. Click "Confirm" to verify your email address.

  5. Once you see this screen, you have successfully placed a request for a digital certificate. Follow the instructions on the screen to continue your request.


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