HR - Student Help - Add an Employment Instance

This procedure outlines the steps needed to add an additional Concurrent Job to a Student Hourly employee.

Procedure At-a-Glance

Category: Student Help - Add an Employment Instance
Audience: HR Administrators
Overarching Process: Hire/Rehire
Navigation: Workforce Administration > Job Information > Add Employment Instance-Student Help ONLY
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General Description:

HR Administrators will pull all relevant information from the Student Hire Form, Payroll Forms such as I-9, W-4, and Direct Deposit, any Selective Service Forms (if applicable), and International Tax Forms (if applicable) to complete the Job Information pages associated with Job Data

    Procedure Steps

    To perform this procedure, first search for the person in both EPM and HRS:

    Search for a Person in EPM
    Search for a Person in HRS

    Navigate to: Workforce Administration > Job Information – Student Help > Add Employment Instance – Student Help ONLY.

    • Enter the Employee ID number (Empl ID) of the Student and Tab out of the field to populate the Employment Record (Empl Rcd) number field
    • The Empl Rec number field will automatically change to next available record number.
    • Click the Add Relationship button. The system will take you to the JOB Information pages

    1. Add a Multiple / Concurrent job for a current/active student hourly worker
    2. Navigation: Workforce Administration > Job Information - Student Help

      Note: If the employee has an Empl Rcd that is terminated, you will rehire the employee into the lowest inactive Employee Record for their concurrent job (HR - Rehiring an Employee)

    • If rehiring, the process below will be the same starting from the Work Location tab in Job Data

      Enter name and/or EmplID, click Search

      2. If you have determined there are only active Employee Record, you will add employment instance.

      Navigation: Workforce Administration > Job Information - Student Help > Add Employment Instance - Student Help ONLY

      3. Enter the Empl ID

      4. Click 'Add Relationship'


      5. Enter Required Data on Work Location Tab:

      • Effective Date
      • Action
      • Action Reason
      • Expected Job End Date (if applicable)
      • Company, Business Unit (Campus)
      • Location (Building)
      • Then click Job Information tab.

      Complete highlighted fields

      6. Enter Required Data on Job Information Tab (highlighted yellow):

      • Job Code
      • Full/Part Time field as PT
      • Pay Basis
      • Then click Compensation tab.

      Click on Compensation tab

      7. Enter required data on the Compensation Tab (see KB 25233):

      • Click Default Pay Components button.
      • Enter Required Data in Comp Rate field
      • Click the Calculate Compensation button
      • The Pay Rate will populate in the Comp Rate near the Top Frequency Tab
      • Then click the UW Custom tab.


      8. Enter required data on UW Custom tab:

      • Enter Continuity = "None"
      • Probation = "Not Required"
      • Working Title
        • Note: Make the working title descriptive enough so the student can select the correct job when entering time. The working title is the title that is displayed in time and Labor so the student can select the correct job to record time.
      • Encumbrance data is not needed for Student Help and may be left blank

      UW custom tab

      9. Enter Data on the UW Benefits Tab

      10.  Click Save.

      11.  After adding the second job, the Person Data will need to be reviewed and updated accordingly.

    • Update new Work Location, Phone Number, etc.


      Hire a Person of Interest (POI):

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