BN - 18.0 Maintaining WRS Prior State and Local Service

This procedures explains the purpose of the state and local service fields on the job data pages and how to update this information as well as how to maintain the Benefit Service Date which is directly related to WRS State and Local Service.

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General Description:

An employee's prior WRS state and local service must be entered into HRS before an employee's eligibility for benefits can be determined.  Previous state and/or local service determines when an  employee's benefits can begin and in some instances determinew when the employee is eligible for UW contributions toward insurance premiums. HR or Benefits Administrators will have to input this information timely so that an employee can enroll.

An automated process will send an electronic request to the Employe Trust Funds (ETF) One-Net system and if there is no match on the ssn transmitted, the automated process will populate both the WRS state and local service fields with "0".  If there is a match on the ssn that is transmitted, the employee's name will be printed on a report which will require a manual lookup on the ETF One-Net system.

An employees "Benefit Service Date" on the job information pages is related to the WRS prior state and local service.  For a new employee the Benefit Service Date will be their WRS start date.  When an employee transfers to the UW from another state agency, the Benefit Service Date must reflect the amount of WRS state and/or local service to ensure that benefits begin and Employer contribution begin at the correct time.

The Benefit Service Date is used for two purposes:

--date will determine when an University Staff (classified) employee is eligible for the employer share toward health insurance premiums

--date will determine when an unclassified employee is eligible for the emploeyr share toward income continuation insurance premiums

The Benefit Service Date should be changed only in two instances:

  • Newly hired employee has prior WRS State Service
  • Employee is transferring from Grad/Limit benefits to WRS benefits

Process Inputs

The UW hires a new employee that may or may not have previous WRS state and local service or the employee is a transfer to the UW from another state agency.

Process Outputs:
A WRS Prior Service report is generated daily to identify employees for whom there was a match between the UW's ssn and the ssn on the ETF One-Net.  This implies that the employee already has a WRS record.  An HR or BN Administrator will have to manually look up the prior WRS state and local service on the Employee Trust Funds One-Net System and enter the information into HRS.

Process Considerations:

It is critical that the manual look up of previous WRS state and local service be done timely as many new hires have a very limited amount of time within which to apply for benefits.

Authorization needed from ETF in order to access information from the WRS One-Net system.  An Authorization form must be submitted to ETF in order to obtain access to this system.

Exceptions (including first-year considerations):

Some HR or BN Professionals may not have ETF One-Net System access, requiring that authorization forms be completed and submitted to ETF for approval.  The approval process takes at least 3 weeks.

Procedure Steps:

To perform this procedure, follow these steps:

Receive WRS Prior Service Report and look up employee's social security number in HRS as to access information on the ETF One-Net, the employee's social security number is needed.

  1. Click on Workforce Administration
  2. Click on Personal Information
  3. Click on Modify a Person
  4. On Search page Enter employee's last name or empl id in search box
  5. Click Search


From the Biographical Details Page obtain social security number:

  1. Scroll to bottom or page where the National ID Type is indicated (for most employees it will be the social security number)
  2. Record social security number needed to access information from ETF One-Net


Look up WRS Prior State and/or Local Service on ETF One-Net System:

  1. Sign on to ETF One-Net
  2. Enter employee's social security number
  3. Calculate the number of months of WRS State and/or Local Service the employee has based on the employee's employment start and end dates at the various WRS employers as record on the ETF One-Net.  

Enter WRS Prior State and or Local Service into HRS: 

  1. Click on Workforce Administration
  2. Click on Job Informatin
  3. Click on Job Data
  4. Enter employee last name or empl ID on search page
  5. Click on Search



From Search listing click on the employee name to be processed, Job Data page will open.

  1. Job Page opens
  2. Navigate to the right to the UW Benefits Tab
  3. Enter the number of months of State Service the employee has - must be a value between 0 and 12.
  4. Enter the number of months of Local Service the employee has - must be a value between 0 and 12.
  5. Click Save


Maintaining Benefit Service Date:

  1. Click on Workforce Administration
  2. Click on Job Informatin
  3. Click on Job Data
  4. Enter employee last name or empl ID on search page
  5. Click on Search
    • Select the employee name for whom the Benefit Service date is to be updated
    • Employment Information page will open


Entering Benefit Service Date:

  1. Click on check box for Over-Ride next to Benefit Service Date
  2. Enter the benefit service date which can be any date up to one year prior to UW hire date.  It is not necessary to have the date be any earlier than one year from the hire date but if employee's prior state and local service makes the date less than one year, the actual date should be entered.
  3. Click Save

Benefit Service Date

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