UWMSN - JEMS HIRE - Teaching Asst./Research Asst. Appointments

Process to enter appointments for Teaching Assistants and Research Assistants.

  • This document applies only to UW-Madison. Users from other campuses should refer to documentation intended for their campuses.

Procedure At–a–Glance

Category: Teaching Assistant and Research Assistant appointments.
Audience: Department and Division staff who enter appointments.
Overarching Process: Hiring into Teaching Assistant and Research Assistant appointments
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General Description:

Teaching Assistant (TA)/ Research Assistant (RA) Appointment

Procedure Steps

To perform this procedure, please follow these steps:


From this screen the following functions are available:
1 Click Hire/Transfer Employee button to start a new hire or transfer.
2 Click the Summer Hire button to create a summer session/service appointment for a currently active C-Basis employee who will be in "Short work break" from their academic year appointment.
3 Click the My New Hire Basket button to see the Hire/Transfer employee records requiring review.
4 Exit out of the System.

JEMS System Search


The first time logging into the JEMS HIRE system, a default search profile is set-up for Quick Search. The default is composed of the assigned UDDS authorization with the 'Current Status" of 'Draft'. This default it also loaded into the Quick Search Criteria and will automatically populate anyone in this status. If there are no records in this status then the following message appears: 'No Records Were Found'.

To change the default click the Change My Search Profile button and update.

Hire/Transfer Screen


List of Tabs and Their Content on the Hire/Transfer Screen

Title Description
Find/Add HireSearch to see if the person is in the system and if the person is already in the system, to select the person from the list and display the Recruitment Type and PVL/Waiver number if required.
PersonPerson Effective Date, name, DOB, Gender, Ethnic Group, Selective Services, National ID; Foreign National (for tax purposes) is created, updated and viewed.
Person ContactPerson's home and office address, home and office phone and the employee personal (Not Official) email address is created, updated and viewed.
PositionPosition Effective Date, Position Number (after the appointment is successfully pushed to HRS and the status is changed to FINISHED), Department, Empl Class, Job Code, FTE & HR Department Location are entered, updated or viewed.
JobHire Type, Empl Rcd# (after the appointment is successfully pushed to HRS and the status is changed to FINISHED), Action, Job Effective Date, Working Title, Expected End Date, Criminal Background Check date, Probation Type & Probation End date (if applicable), Pay Basis and Comp Rate (salary) are entered, updated or viewed.
BenefitsRehire Annuitant, Visiting to/from, Work Out of State and Eligibility for full Time State Rate are entered, updated or viewed.
HR ContactPrimary, Administrative and Funding contact is entered, updated or viewed.
CommentComments are created, updated and viewed.
Status HistoryHistory of statuses that a particular appointment has had in date in descending order (most recent status on top).

Find/Add Hire


  1. Fill in one or more of the fields (Empl ID, Name, SSN#) in the top search section.
  2. Click the Search button to search the system (searching in JEMS uses information from IADS, EPM and HRS).
  3. Check the Select box next to the person you would like to use (you may need to view information in HRS using the UW Multiple Jobs Summary to know which person to use).
  4. Select No Associated PVL/Waiver for "Recruitment Type",  PVL (not applicable).
  5. Click Add Hire button.

Person Information


Title Description
Empl ID

If you select a person that has a prior appointment in UW System from the previous the FIND PERSON tab, the Empl ID will automatically populate.

If the person is new to UW System, the Empl ID will be filled once the appointment is successfully pushed into HRS.

Person Effective Date Start Date of the Job
Waived Person Not applicable.
Name, First, Middle, Last & Suffix Enter the Person name.
Date of Birth Enter Date of Birth.
Gender & Ethnic Group Select from the dropdown list.
Selective Service Registered This information is required for all males ages 18–25 hired as Student Assistant except appointment type SA1 (Y21NN, Y22NN, Y23NN & Y26NN).

Yes – If yes, enter date of registration in "Signature Date" space.

No – If no, see the instruction below (Reason field).

Reason If NO, Select the reason from the dropdown list.
Signature Date Date of Registration
National ID Social Security Number

Only SSN can be entered in this field and if a foreign national already has an ITIN, it must be entered directly into HRS.

Foreign National If person is a foreign national, review their visa page in HRS (KB 16745). If row(s) contain actual or dummy FNL visa types, do not change the default Foreign National checkbox setting in JEMS. However, if there is NO actual or dummy visa type in HRS, check “Foreign National” box during JEMS hire. This will populate the HRS visa screen and prompt the creation of a Glacier account. Foreign nationals on UW payroll must have a Glacier account and enter their immigration information into it so the UW can determine the correct amount and type of tax to withhold.
Foreign National Working Outside of US Click this box ONLY if all four conditions are met:  1) You are certain the individual will not pass the IRS Substantial Presence Test in the calendar years involved, 2) Individuals will remain outside the U.S. throughout the time the checkbox is selected in HRS, 3) Individual has provided a Foreign Source Income Statement to hiring department and UW Glacier account administrator, and 4) Individual has provided an updated UW W-4  indicating their work location outside the U.S.

Person Contact Information


Title Description
Release Home Information Release Home Information will default to NO unless the employee specifically requested otherwise.
Home & Office Addresses Click the Edit/View Address Detail button to add or edit the home and office address
Phone Information Enter the Person home and office phone number if available and check one as preferred.
Home Email Enter the Home email (NOT the office) address of the employee if available

Add/Modify Addresses



Add both Home and Office address and  click the Save/Close button.

Position Information


Click the TA/RA Quick Add button and follow the steps below:


Title Description
 To Hire a TA, Select the Radio Button Marked "TA" at the top of the screen.
  Job Code Select the appropriate job code from the drop down list.

Y33ND – Teaching Assistant Senior

Y33NN – Teaching Assistant Standard

Y30NN - Lecturer (SA)

  Year Select the appropriate year.

(AY = Academic Year, S1 = First Semester, S2= Second Semester, Summer Session)

Filling in the year will automatically populate the following

  • Session Code
  • Begin Date & End date


Title Description
To Hire an RA, Select the Radio Button Marked "RA" at the top of the screen.
Job Code

Y41NN is pre-selected for you

Pay Basis

Using the drop down, select the appropriate Pay Basis


(AY = Academic Year, S1 = First Semester, S2= Second Semester, Summer Service)

If Annual Pay Basis has been selected, the appointment Begin Date is needed for the system to find the appropriate Comprate. The Year and Session fields are not navigable.

For all other Pay Basis options, select the appropriate year. Filling in the year will automatically populate the following:

  • Session Code
  • Begin Date & End date
Get Comprate 

Click the Get Comprate button to have the program find the appropriate Comprate based on the Appointment dates entered on the Wizard.

 After you complete the appropriate information in the 'TA Quick Add' screen, click the Apply/Close button. Complete additional information on this hire.




Position Number

This number is generated when the appointment is successfully pushed into HRS.

Position Effective Date Start Date of the Job
Department Select the Appointing Department (UDDS) by pressing the adjacent button and getting the drop down list. Must be a valid UDDS.
Empl Class (Appointment Type)

SA3 = Teaching Assistant (TA)

SA2 = Research Assistant (RA)

This field is automatically populated if the Wizard is used.

Job Code This field will be automatically populated if the Wizard was used. If the Wizard is not used, select the appropriate Job code from the drop down list.
FTE Enter the appropriate FTE value (e.g. .333).
HR Department Location Enter the building location of the appointing department HR office.
Continuity Select the continuity status of the appointment:

02A = Fixed Term for less than one semester or 6 months

02B = Fixed Term for a period greater than or equal to 1 semester or 6 months but less than one academic year or 12 months.

02C = Fixed Term for a period greater or equal to one academic year or 12 months.


Title Description
Hire Type Hire = The person does not have an active appointment or this is a concurrent job to his/her current active job.

Transfer = When an employee leaves one job to take a different job but there is no break in service or ending of an employment status.

Empl Rcd#

For new employee without prior UW System employment: the number will be generated when the appointment is successfully pushed into HRS.

Selection is required when Hire Type is Transfer.

Action Defaults to "HIRE". No entry is needed.
Action Reason Defaults to "Original/New Hire". No entry is needed.
Effective Date Start Date of the Job
Working Title This field will be automatically populated if the Wizard is used. Otherwise enter a 30 character Working Title for the appointment.
Expected End Date This field will be automatically populated with the Semester or Academic Year End Date if the Wizard is used. Enter or update the data as appropriate. 
Criminal Background Check (CBC Date) Date the criminal background check is ordered. Divisions are expected to complete background checks prior to making an offer of employment. With the dean or director approval the background check must be completed and decisions made no later than 60 days after the start of employment.
Position of Trust 

If there is a CBC date, then you have to select from the drop down list. These fields will track employees with access to vulnerable populations. http://www.ohr.wisc.edu/CriminalBackgroundCheck/CBCpolicywithattachments120213.pdf

Yes (UWMSN only-2year review) = Employee has access to minors in a precollege camp*

Yes (vulnerable-4 year review) = Employee holds position of trust with access to vulnerable population**

Yes = But this position does not have access to vulnerable populations.

No = If there is no CBC status date mark it as "No".

*These employees will have a Criminal Background Check executed every two years.

**These employees will have a Criminal Backgound Check executed every four years.

Probation Type Not required.
Seasonal Status Not required.
Additional Pay/Lump Sum Not required.
Pay Basis Automatically populated if the Wizard was used. Enter or update the data as appropriate.
Comp Rate Automatically populated if the Wizard was used. If the Wizard was not used, enter the appropriate data.

Benefits - Information on this tab is not required for TA/RA appointments


HR Contact


This tab stores information about one or more person(s) who may be contacted about the appointment.

Click the Add/Contact button to open up the entry fields in the bottom portion of the screen.

For paid positions, one Primary and one Funding contact are required. For zero dollar positions a funding contact is not required. You may have any number of Additional Contacts listed.

Title Description
Contact Primary Contact: The primary person to be contacted regarding the appointment is required

Funding Contact: The person who enters the funding information. This individual will be contacted via email when the appointment is successfully entered in HRS.

Additional Contact: Name of a secondary contact (optional).

Last & First Name* Last & First name.
Address Address is not a required field.
Phone* Area code defaults to 608. Manually enter a dash between the third and the fourth number e.g. 263–2511.
Email Address* Email address of the Primary Contact (required).


  • This tab is for comments associated with the individual change request. These comments are created by staff who are authorized for hire. Only users with the proper UDDS authorization are able to access this tab. Those who have access to the tab can view all comments.
  • Also listed on this tab are reports from the HRS Processing Log.
  • Existing comments are displayed in order by Create Date with the most recent Comment on top.
 Create a Comment  Click the Add Comment button and type the comment into the detail box.
 Update a Comment  Place the cursor on the Comment record you wish to change in the first half of the screen (the background color of the record will be dark red) and click the Edit/View button.
 Delete a Comment  

place the cursor on the Comment record you wish to change in the first half of the screen (the background color of the record will be dark red) and click the Delete Comment button.

Status History


The data on this tab is not modifiable. It displays the history of statuses that a particular hire has had. Anyone with update or view access can view the status history of the appointment. The statuses are displayed with the most recent status on the top line by status effective date (MM/DD/YYYY).

Possible Statuses:

  • Draft
  • Entered
  • Department Approved
  • Division Approved – Sent to HRS
  • Finished – Entered In HRS

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