UW-Madison G Suite - Conflicting Accounts FAQ

This document describes the process users will need to go through if they have a personal Google Apps account using their @wisc.edu email address.

What is Happening?

A conflicting account exists if a user created a personal Google Account with the same email address as a UW-Madison G Suite account. Conflicting accounts most commonly occur if a user logged into one of Google's services with their @wisc.edu e-mail address before UW-Madison offered Google Apps as an enterprise service.
Example: Bucky Badger created a personal account for Google Docs using "bbadger@wisc.edu" before UW-Madison offered Google Apps to campus. When UW-Madison turned on Google Apps for campus, a second, conflicting account was created for "bbadger@wisc.edu".

How Can It Be Fixed?

If a conflicting account exists, the next time the account is accessed a prompt will appear with the following options:
  • Create a new personal Gmail account to hold this data (recommended)
  • Link the account to a 3rd party email account (Yahoo, Hotmail, etc)
  • Sign in with a temporary username Google provides (e.g. bbadger%wisc.edu@gtempaccount.com)

Can I transfer data from one account to another?

In most cases, it's not possible to move products from one Google Account to another. See Moving Product Data for a list of products that do support this. You can also view UW-Madison G Suite - Preserve your data for more information on backing up data.

More Information on conflicting accounts

Google has published an article and a video that details this issue and the process required to resolve it. Please note that the article is intended for administrators of Google Apps for an organization, but the information might still be useful to anyone experiencing this issue.

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