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This user procedure contains additional information on maintaining the contact information tab on the person data record. On this page, you may add or update mailing addresses, such as home, business, business other, mailing, or other 2, phone information, and email addresses. You may also enter a future dated change.

Procedure At-a-Glance

Category: Maintain Employee Contact Information
Audience: HR Professionals or HR staff
Overarching Process: Maintain Employee Data
Navigation: Workforce Administration > Personal Information > Modify a Person > Contact Information tab
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messagebox_warning.png Warning! NOTE: This KB is for the HR Professional use only. Do not use this page to update business email. You must update business email using your campus' email system.

General Description:

This procedure is for use by the HR professional only. The employee may also update his/her home address through self service. When adding address types, each address type can be used only once. You may make changes with a future date for the same address type. When adding an address type of Business or Business Other, you will select the business unit and location code for where the employee will be working. If the employee is hired in one department, but will actually be working in another location, this is a good way to record the actual work location for the employee. The Release Home Information defaults to unchecked. When this is unchecked, the employee has not authorized release of his/her home information.

Process Inputs:

Process Outputs:

  • Updated person record

Process Considerations:

It is possible to update the Business email address on this page however, there is a nightly batch job from the Person Hub which populates the business email address and marks it as preferred. If the Person Hub email address is different from what is in the field then the program will overwrite the value with what is in the Person Hub. Each campus is responsible for maintaining its employee business email address in its campus email system. This is the only way HRS will be updated with business email addresses.

If the Release Home Information box is checked, the home address, home email and home phone number will be available in the directory, used for
official university mailings and provided to external parties who wish to do home mailings.

If the Release Home Information box is not checked, the home address, email and phone number cannot be released to anyone. It is not okay to
release it within the department, i.e., to the person's supervisor or to the Department Chair. 

Exceptions (including first-year considerations):

The release Home Information check box was converted from Legacy IADS using the values from IADS.

Procedure Steps:


NOTE: These Procedural Steps describe how to:

    • Enter Contact Information for Employees
    • Add Future Dated Personal Data Changes 
    • Inactivate Address Types 

Enter Contact Information

  1. To add another address type click on the plus sign to add another row.

    add business address 1
  2. Select from the drop down the desired address type.

    add business address 2
  3. Click Add Address Detail hyperlink. The Address History page will appear.

  4. Click Add Address hyperlink. The Edit Address page will appear.

    add business address 3
  5. Click on the down arrow to choose the UW Institution.

    add business address 4
  6. Click on the Location magnifying glass to select a location.

  7. Click Advance Lookup to see the description field. Select "contains" in the search drop down and enter all or part of the name of the location

  8. Select the location and you will return to the Edit Address Page. Enter a Room # or Mail Drop ID if applicable.

  9. Click OK, review the new address, and click OK

  10. Click OK, to return to the Contact Information Tab

  11. To add the initial phone number, select the phone type from the drop down menu

  12. Enter the Telephone number.  If entering one, or more than one phone type the preferred check box must be checked. To add additional phone types and numbers click on the plus button.

  13. Enter an email address. The business email type will be automatically populated from the Person Hub. The preferred check box will always be checked for the business email address type.  To add an additional email address click on the plus button.


Add Future Dated Change

  1. To add a future dated address change click on the View Address Detail hyper link.

  2. Click the plus sign to add a new effective dated row.

  3. Enter the effective date for the address change. It may be the current date or a date in the future. Click on the Add Address hyperlink.

  4. On the Edit Address page enter the new address. The address cleansing will present valid address options. Enter the correct information.

  5. The address cleansing will update the address in all CAPS with the suite number and zip code 4.

  6. Click OK and return to the Address History page. You can see the old address and the new address below:


Inactivate Address Types:  The example below details how to inactivate a Business Address.  

Navigation: Workforce Administration>Personal Information>Modify a Person


  1. Enter employee information (ie EmplID, Name, Last Name, etc.)


  2. Go to the 'Contact Information' tab then click the 'View Address Detail' hyperlink


  3. Click the plus sign to add a row


  4.  Select the magnifying glass navigation button


  5. You will be taken to this screen then select 'Inactive'


  6. Click 'OK'


  7. Save

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