HR - Employee Rate Change

This document explains how to change an employee's compensation rate. This process is the same for all Empl Classes. (Note: Madison has a slightly different process; please refer to JEMS/PVL/CHRIS documentation.)

Process Inputs:

NOTE: If there is a title change in addition to the rate change, that is a separate process and is changed on the position. In those instances, make the title change on the position, and then change the compensation rate on the job.  Please refer to Document 17748 is unavailable at this time. .

To Change an Employee's Rate:

Before following this process, you should have the following information:
  • The employee's Empl ID or name

This procedure will require making a change to job data.
Go to: Navigation:  Workforce Administration > Job Information > Job Data

1. Search for the employee using the EmplID or the employee name. The Job Data pages will appear for the employee. 


2. Click the Add a Row + button on the Work Location tab (on the far right side).

3. Enter the Effective Date of the Pay Rate Change.

NOTE: If another Effective Dated event already exists, you will have to change the Sequence number  (i.e. change from "0" to "1"). For example, you would have to change the Sequence number if the title change had been made on the position on the same date and was entered before the rate change. 

4. Select the Action = Pay Rate Change.

5. Select a Reason = appropriate reason: HR - Action/Action Reason Code Job Aid

6. Now enter the new pay rate. Click the Compensation tab.


7. Enter the new Compensation Rate. On the Amounts tab under Pay Components, enter the new rate (example above).

Note: you can also use the Changes tab under the Pay Components area if you would rather enter a percent change instead of the new Comp Rate. The example in the image below is for a Faculty/Academic Staff/Limited Appointment (FA/AS/LI) (unclassified) position with a 10% change in the compensation rate.


8. Click the Calculate Compensation button.

9. Click the OK/Save button. Save.png


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