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This document shows you how to enter a absences with multiple take types on an employee's behalf in HRS.

Procedure At-A-Glance
Category: Multiple Absence Takes
Audience: UW Managers/Supervisors
Overarching Process: Absence Management
Navigation: MyUW System Portal or MyUW Portal (UW-Madison)
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General Description:

When requesting an absence in HRS, you may only select a single take type per request. To request an absence with multiple take types, you will have to submit multiple absence requests.

Process Inputs:
  • Employee Timesheet

Process Considerations:

Managers should always remember to review an employee's absence balances before submitting a take on an employee's behalf. The balance for the employee will display when you select the absence type.

Procedure Steps:

To enter an absence with multiple take types for an employee:
  1. Log in to the My UW System portal at Note: UW-Madison employees can optionally log in to the My UW Madison portal instead. For more information on logging into the My UW System portal, please see UWSC - Login to my UW System Portal.

  2. Locate the Manager Time and Approval module and click the Manager Self Service - Time Management link.

    manager time and approval

    • In the Time Management menu, click the Absence Request link.

    time management
  3. Enter a date on or before the date the absence will occur in the As Of field. You can enter the date in the format MM/DD/ YYYY or select a date from a calendar by clicking the calendar 17819-calendar_icon.png icon.

    request absence
  4. Click the Continue button.

  5. You will now be on the Select Employees to Process screen. Notice that only employees that report to you as of the date you entered on the previous page will show up here.

  6. Click the radio button next to the name of the desired employee and click the Continue button.

    request absence-continue
  7. Enter the Start Date for the employee's absence. You can enter the date in the form of MM/DD/YYYY or select a date from a calendar by clicking the calendar 17819-calendar_icon.png icon.

    Start Date
  8. Select the appropriate absence from the Absence Name drop down menu.

    Absence Name
  9. Notice that after selecting an Absence Name, several more fields appear. The Current Balance for the select absence will also appear. Note: This balance only reflects approved absences. If the employee has any pending absences, they will not be reflected in the Current Balance

    Current Balance

    messagebox_warning.pngWarning! NOTE: This balance only reflects the balance as of the last Earnings Statement (i.e. confirmed payroll). Absences approved or taken since the last payroll are not reflected in this balance.
  10. Enter the End Date for the employee's absence. You can enter the date in the form of MM/DD/YYYY or select a date from a calendar by clicking the calendar 17819-calendar_icon.png icon. 

    End Date

  11. Select the desired option from the Entry Type drop down menu. Notice that when you select an option other than "None" for Entry Type, a new field will appear and will be named depending on your selection. In the screenshot below, the new field is Hours Per Day because we selected "Hours per Day" from the Entry Type drop down menu.

    • Hours Per Day - The amount entered in this field will be used as the full day amount for every day of absence taken. For example: We entered a full day of 8 hours, for a total of 2 days.
    • Start Date - The starting date of the absence take. 
    • End Date - The last day of the absence take. All of the days included will be full day absences, using the Hours Per Day field as the amount per day.

      Entry Type

  12. Enter the number of hours for your absences in the Hours Per Day field. In the screenshot below, this employee will be taking two full days, so we entered 8 hours.

    Hours Per Day

  13. Click the Calculate End Date or Duration button.

    Calculate End Date
  14. Notice that the Duration field has been filled in with the total number of leave hours for the absence request. In the screenshot below, we requested two days at 8 hours per day so the Duration equals 16 hours.


  15. Click the Submit button.


  16. You will now see a confirmation message. Click the OK button.

    submit confirmation
  17. After the confirmation page, you will be taken to the Request Details page. The absence request has been successfully submitted. Notice that because you are a manager submitting this request on behalf of the employee, the request is automatically approved.

    request details
  18. Repeat the steps to enter a second absence. By using the same Start/End Date, 8 Hours Per Day, and a different Absence Name, you will have two days off using 8 hours of one absence type, and 8 hours of another absence type.

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