HR - Change Standard Hours (FTE)

In this job aid you will see how to change the Standard Hours and FTE (full-time equivalent) for an employee with a position. This may be done for various reasons, including partial leave of absences. (Please refer to KB 17114 for more about partial LOA.)

Process Inputs and Prerequisites:

Before following this process, you should have the following information:

Procedure Steps:

  1. Navigate to:  Organizational Development > Position Management > Maintain Positions/Budgets > Add/Update Position Info > Enter the Position Number that you are updating and click Search.  Position Information pages appear for the position you searched. You can confirm this is the correct employee and position by looking at the Budget and Incumbents tab.  (The outlined fields will be discussed in more detail below this image.)


  2. When you make a change, the first step is to add an effective dated row. Click the add a new row(+) button.

  3. Enter the Effective Date for this position update.
    Remember, the Effective Date will default to the current date. If this change must be done for a different date, enter the correct date.

  4. Click the Reason look-up button. MagnifyingGlass_icon.jpg   You are given a list of "reasons" for this position update. There are many possible reasons for changing the standard hours/FTE, including partial leaves of absences.


  5. Choose the appropriate Reason. For example: 060 - Change FTE - Temp - Voluntary from the list.
    You can click on either the number value or text description to choose the reason from the list.


  6. In the Job Information section of the page, the Full/Part Time indicator field may need to be changed. NOTE: If the Standard Hours are 40, it is considered full-time. If the Standard Hours are less than 40, this should be marked Part Time.


  7. Scroll down to the Salary Plan Information section and click in the Standard Hours field.
    Enter the new Standard Hours for the position change and tab out of the field.

    NOTE: For a job aid that shows calculated hours and FTE, please link to:  HR - FTE to Standard Hours Conversion Table


    When you tab - or click - out of the Standard Hours field after making the update, you will notice that the FTE field will automatically recalculate.

  8. At the top of the page, click the Specific Information tab.

    Specific Information Tab

    Notice the Max Head Count for this position is 1. Remember, if you have more than one person in a Position, the change in Standard Hours/FTE would affect everyone with this Position. It's recommended that each person has their own Position, so that any changes to the Position affect only one employee.
  9. Click the check box for Update Incumbents if it is not checked.  The Update Incumbents box must be checked, which allows this change to flow to the Job Data pages.

  10. Click on the Budget and Incumbents tab.


  11. Click Save.  You may receive two "soft" warning messages notifying you of data entry issues.The first is a soft warning message about the Reports To position not being entered. This field is not used, so click OK through the message.  The second is a pop-up message warning you that FTE was changed, but the Work Period field wasn't. Again, click OK through this message. 
  12. After making changes to the employee's Position, you can now view the employee's Job Data to ensure that the update flowed through the system correctly. The easiest way to view/confirm the change is to click on the Job Data hyperlink from the Position Budget and Incumbents tab (see the image above in step 11).  Alternately, you can go back and search for the employee in Workforce Administration > Job Information > Job Data.  The position change automatically inserted a new effective dated row, with the Action of Position Change and the Reason as Change FTE - Temp Voluntary.  You can also see the updated Standard Hours/FTE for this employee on the Job Information tab.

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