BN - WED - ABBR Mismatch Report


Income Continuation Insurance (ICI) and State Group Life Insurance (SGL) requires an Annual Benefit Base Rate (ABBR) for the payroll process to accurately calculate the insurance premiums to charge each payroll. The mismatched ABBR between Employee Records cause insurance premiums to calculate correctly according to the rules for ICI and SGL. Benefit Administrators need to review the employee's job and compensation data and update or correct an ABBR accordingly.


  • The ABBRs should be entered or fixed prior to the first payroll in which Income Continuation Insurance and/or State Group Life Insurance premiums will be charged.  The ABBR effective date cannot be earlier than the hire date on each Employee Record.  If you are missing an ABBR for a date other than the initial date of State Group Life eligibility (i.e. an historical row), correct history will be required to fix the error.  If you do not have security, contact your AG Group for assistance.
  • An ICI and SGL ABBR must be added to EVERY active Employee Rcd (Empl_Rcd) to ensure that the ICI  and SGL premiums will calculate correctly regardless of which Empl_Rcd is marked as the Benefits Primary Record.  More information on Benefits Primary Records is available in the Related KB Documents and Job Aids section below.
  • HRS will NOT recognize a change in ABBR as an event requiring benefits retro to calculate.  In the event an ABBR has been changed after a payroll has run, a payline adjustment will be required to pick up the missing premium.  If you do not have the security to add a payline adjustment, please open a WiscIT and assign it to your AG Group.  Please note:  clicking the WiscIT button will not automatically create a ticket for you in Cherwell.


  • First Year:  Must be based on an estimated annual salary during the first year an employee is eligible for the WRS.  If a paper application is used, the ABBR listed on the application must match what's entered in HRS. 
  • Existing Employees:  The Annual ICI and SGL ABBR Processes will update the ICI ABBR each year based on the prior WRS year's earnings.  The SGL ABBR Process will update the employee's amount based on the previous year's WRS earnings or the highest year of reported WRS earnings, whichever is higher.
  • Mid-Year: State Group Life Insurance rates do not change mid-year regardless of changes to FTE or salary (with exception for employees turning age 70 - see BN - WED - Age 70 Report ).  Income Continuation Insurance ABBR's MUST be changed mid-year due to permanent changes in FTE.  For more information about ICI mid-year changes, please visit the Income Continuation Insurance:  Annual Base Benefit Rate Rules.
  • Transfers:  The amounts to enter for the ABBR's for both State Group Life and Income Continuation Insurance must be based on the Transfer Record received by the receiving department/institution if within the UW.  If hiring an employee from another state agency, the amount is estimated based on the position at the UW for the first year.


1.   Log into HRS.  The Workflow Exception Dashboard queries will appear based on your current security and whether there is an error to fix.

2.  Click on the hyperlink for the UW_BN_ABBR_MISMATCH query.

9.2 ABBR Mismatch Query

3.  A current list of employees whose ICI, SGL, or SGL7 ABBR values do not match between Employee Records will be displayed.  This list will be refreshed each evening.  Empl_ID's that appear as hyperlinks in the list have more than one error.  (This may occur if the employee also has an ABBR Unrounded error.)

4.  Click the Check to Claim checkbox next to the employee you wish to work on.  Your name will appear in the Claimed By section with the date and time noted.  (Please remember to claim all employee rows.)

9.2 Claimed By

5.  Click the BN_ANNL_BENEF_BASE hyperlink for the employee you have claimed.

9.2 Link to Correct

6.  The employee's Update ABBR page will be displayed where you will add a new effective dated row and amount or correct an existing effective dated row.  Click on the magnifying glass icon to select the ABBR type of ICI, SGL or SGL7 to review current ABBRs.  (Note:  You will may need to click on the Correct History button to correct an existing effective dated ABBR.)

9.2 Lookup

7.  To better review ABBR values on each Employee Record, you will need to navigate to the Review ABBR's pages.  Click the "New Window" hyperlink in the top right corner of your screen to open a second window to obtain this data.

9.2 New Window

8.  Navigate to Benefits > Employee/Dependent Information > Review ABBRs and enter the employee's Empl_ID and click Search.

9.  Select the first Employee Record (0) to review.  Navigate through the Employee Records by clicking the Next in List button to compare both the effective dates and the amounts between active Employee Records.  The most common reason an employee will appear on this report is because one Employee Record has the most up to date information while another Employee Record was recently rehired containing older ABBR effective dated information.  The example below shows an employee with an ICI ABBR of $73,000 on Employee Record 0 with an effective date of 7/1/2016.  Employee Record 2 is missing the 7/1/2016 row so the latest dated ABBR is $72,000 as of 2/1/2016.  Therefore, Employee Record 2 needs a 7/1/2016 row added with an ABBR amount of $73,000.

9.2 Empl 0

9.2 Empl 2

10.  To add the employee's ABBR, click on your original window or navigate to Benefits > Employee/Dependent Information > Update ABBRs.  (Note:  this menu item is directly above the display ABBR menu item.  If you click directly from the display to the update screen, the system will

11.  Click on the magnifying glass icon to select the ABBR type you need.  The Effective Date and amount used must be equal between all active Employee Records.  Remember the amount must always be rounded UP to the next highest $1,000.  If there are existing rows for the same ABBR Type, you will need to add a new row.  In our example, we are adding an ABBR Type of ICI, an Effective Date of 7/01/2016, and an amount of $73,000.  (Please note:  do not use commas or decimal points when entering an ABBR.  The system will add the decimal point upon saving the record.  In addition, you will not be able to enter a effective date earlier than the Employee Record hire date.)  When all information has been added, click the Save button to save the record.
9.2 Add a Row

12.  To verify that you now have the appropriate ABBR amount and date on the Employee Record, navigate back to Benefits > Employee/Dependent Information > Review ABBRs.

9.2 Verify


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