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In HRS, employers will have to add dependents to their records before those dependents can be enrolled in benefits plans. This job aid walks you through adding a dependent and updating existing dependent information. Update Dependent/Beneficiary Page in HRS is where dependent personal information is stored. All of this information should be regularly updated from the ET-2301 Health Insurance Application Form completed by the employee.

Procedure At-A-Glance
Category: Maintaining Benefits Information
Audience: Institutional Benefits Administrators
Overarching Process: To Maintain Benefit Data
Navigation: Benefits > Employee/Dependent Information > Update Dependent/Beneficiary
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General Description

This procedure will cover how to add/update dependent/beneficiary information, which drives the ETF Health Interface. Therefore, accuracy and consistency are important in maintaining this information.

Process Inputs

Before following this process, you should have the following information:  

  • The employee's Empl ID
  • Relevant dependent information (name, date of birth, SSN, other health insurance, etc.)

Process Considerations

  • Update Dependent/Beneficiary page should be updated whenever a new Health Insurance Application ET-2301 form is submitted by employee.
  • The dependent information is located on page 1 of the ET-2301 form under 2. Spouse/DP Information and 3. Dependent Information, and on page 3 Other Health Insurance and Medicare Information.


Other Health Insurance

Procedure Steps

1. Click Benefits.

2. Click Employee/Dependent Information.

3. Click Update Dependent/Beneficiary.

4. Enter the Employee's Empl ID.

5. Click Search.

Name Dependent

 If this employee has no dependents, go ahead and click Edit Name to put in info. If you are trying to add another dependent, click the Add a new row icon (+) to add a new dependent to this employee's record.

6. Enter an Effective Date for this dependent. (Effective Date coverage will begin)

7. Click the Edit Name link and type name in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. Please do NOT place a symbol/period in the Middle Name box.

Edit Name

 In this screen, you will enter the dependent's First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, and (if applicable) a Prefix and Suffix.
You could click Refresh Name to update and view how this name would be displayed.

8. Click OK.

9. Click the Address tab at the top the screen. Select same address as employee and same phone as employee, if address and phone for dependent are same as employees. Or add in different information for dependent. 

Address Info

If this dependent has the same address and phone number as the employee, click the checkbox for Same Address as Employee and Same Phone as Employee.   
If this dependent has a different address, click the Edit Address link. Enter the relevant address information and click OK.

10. Click the Personal Profile tab.

Personal Profile

 Personal details are entered on this tab. You will enter data such as Date of Birth, Relationship to Employee, Gender, Marital Status, Marital Status Date, SSN, Other Health Insurance, and Medicare Info. Be sure to click the checkbox for Primary ID.

11. Once all data has been entered on all tabs, click Save at the bottom of the screen.

Update Dependent Information

1. Click Benefits.
2. Click Employee/Dependent Information.
3. Click Update Dependent/Beneficiary.
4. Enter the employee's Empl ID.
5. Click Search.

Update Name

 If you are trying to add a new dependent, click the top Add a new row icon (+) to add a new dependent to this employee's record. If trying to update name of existing dependent, click the second Add a new row icon (+).

6. Click the Edit Name link. Enter an Effective Date for this dependent. (Effective Date they will begin coverage.)

Edit Name

7. Change Name of Dependent

Edit Name1

 Press OK when completed.

8. Click the Personal Profile tab at the top of the screen. 
9. Click the Add a new row icon (+) to make changes to dependent information, such as updating Relationship to Employee (Ex. spouse to ex-spouse), updating Other Health Insurance Information, Medicare Info, etc. Change Information as necessary.

Dep Info

 You will update data such as Relationship to Employee, Gender, Marital Status, Marital Status Date, Other Health Insurance, and Medicare Info.

10. Once all data has been entered on all tabs, click Save at the bottom of the screen.

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