BN - Review Savings Plan Enrollments

If a Benefit Administrator wants to review an employee's Saving Plans elections and historical information, they can do so through the Enroll in Benefits screens. This job aid walks you through that process.

Procedure At-A-Glance
Category: Review Employee Enrollments
Audience: Institution Benefit Administrators
Overarching Process: Benefits
Navigation: Benefits > Enroll in Benefits > Savings Plans
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General Description

Administrators will need to review an employee's saving plan elections and historical information, they can do so through the Saving Plan Benefit Elections page in HRS.  For each Plan Type, the Saving Plan Elections page allows you to determine whether an employee has Coverage elected, waived or terminated; Coverage Begin Date, Deduction Begin Date, and Election Date.  The BN Benefits View security role will provide access to view enrollments.

Process Inputs

  • Empl ID or
  • Employee First and Last Name (not the preferred method)

Process Considerations

Procedure Steps

1.  Click Benefits

2.  Click Enroll in Benefits

3.  Click Savings Plans
4.  In the Savings Plans search screen:
a.  In the Empl ID field, enter the employee's unique 8-digit employee ID, if known. (e.g. 00367147)  This is the best practice since more than one employee may exist with similar names.

b.  In the Name field, enter all or part of the employee's first and last name, if known. (e.g. ABRAHAM LINCOLN)

c.  In the Last Name field, enter all or part of the employee's last name, if known. (e.g. LINCOLN)

d.  Select Include History so that a checkmark displays.  This allows you to view all future, current, and historical information for the employee.

e.  Click Search to display results for your search criteria.

Saving Plans Search
5.  If the search criteria you entered in Step 4 was too wide, and multiple records exist, you may see a Search Results area.  Otherwise the Savings Plan Elections page displays. (Skip to Step 6).
a.  In the Search Results area, you can click on any column heading (e.g. Last Name) to sort in ascending or descending order.

b.  Locate the desired Health Benefits record you wish to review, and click on it to select.
6.  The Savings Plan Elections page displays for the employee.  Note:  The Benefit Program displayed in the Health Benefit Elections page is the program as of the Deduction Begin Date.  Any subsequent changes to Benefit Program will not display unless enrollment changes occur.  Please use BN - Review Benefit Program Enrollments to view possible Benefit Program changes.
a.  A list of Plan Types are available in BN - Plan Type and Benefit Plan Code Job Aid.

b.  Coverage Begin Date = The first date of coverage change.

c.  Deduction Begin Date = The date when deductions should take from payroll.

d.  Coverage Election = Elect, Waive, or Terminate.

e.  Election Date = The date when the enrollment change was processed.

f.  A list of Benefit Plans are available in BN - Plan Type and Benefit Plan Code Job Aid.
Savings Plan Elections

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