Provisioning a NetID for an HRS Person of Interest (POI)

This document describes the procedure for an Human Resources staff person to enable NetID eligibility for an HRS Person of Interest (POI).

1.  HR creates the POI record in HRS.

Required data to obtain a NetID: Date of Birth, Full Name with middle initial, full UDDS (institution code and department id).  For proper record matching SSN and gender are also required.  Entering incomplete information will potentially cause duplicate NetID records and loss of services.

2.  HR creates NetID activation key

Activation key generated by the New Hire NetID Activation module in My UW Madison.

Authorized users can 1) see it on the Services tab;  2) search in My UW-Madison for "New Hire NetID Activation" or "activation" to find and use it; or 3) go to

Must have the POI HRS emplID to use the module.

3.  HR adds an HRS Business Email Address

Use Campus Business Email Administrative module app to add an email address to the POI HRS record if an HRS role is required.  (Some POI will have a university email addresses and some will not.  If a university address appears in the module you don’t need to enter another one unless the POI would like a different address.)

Authorized users can access the Business Email Admin portlet by 1) Searching in My UW-Madison for "Business Email Admin" or "email" to find and use it; or 2) go to

POI emplID is required.