Voice Mail (Centrex) - Message Waiting Indication

The voice mail system will inform you when there are unheard messages in your voice mailbox. This feature, referred to as message waiting indication (MWI), is implemented in several ways.

On-site message waiting indication is useful when you are near your phone.

  1. Broken dial tone: Instead of a steady dial tone, you will first hear several short bursts of tone which indicates that you have at least one new, unheard message in your mailbox.
  2. Message waiting light: If your phone has a compatible message waiting light, the voice mail system will send out a signal that will activate it when there is an unheard message in your mailbox. Compatible lights are usually listed on the phone specification sheet as FSK, or CLASS. 
  3. The voice mail system will also allow you to receive a copy of your voice message in your email account if configured. See Web PhoneManager for details and configuration.

Voice Mail message waiting indications (MWI) fail occasionally. These include broken dial tone and message waiting lights.

If you have gone for an unusual period of time without receiving a message, you should check for messages even though your message waiting indications may not be on. Dial the voice mail access number 5-5500, enter your password, press 1 to review messages.

MWI Troubleshooting Steps

If your MWI did not activate when you received a new message or if your MWI seems to be "stuck on" (did not deactivate after checking messages):

  1. Make sure you have listened to at least 2 seconds of all your new messages.
  2. Dial your phone number, leave yourself a "test" message, and hang up the phone.
  3. Access the voice mail system and delete the "test" message you've just left for yourself and archive or delete any other new messages that may have arrived in your mailbox.
  4. Press * until you exit voice mail.
  5. Leave yourself a new message and verify that the MWI is now working.

Broken Dial Tone Works, Light MWI Fails

If your light has never worked, but you do hear the broken dial tone when you have an unheard message – it is possible that the light on your phone is not compatible with the voice mail system.

Compatible lights are usually listed on the documentation that came with your phone as FSK, or CLASS. Incompatible lights are often referred to as 90 volt. 90 volt lights will not work on campus. If your phone does have a compatible message waiting light but it is not working, please open a trouble ticket at the DoIT Help Desk by calling 4-HELP(4357).

Shared Extensions

Special consideration for shared extension mailboxes. A shared extension mailbox is a special type of mailbox used when a group of people shares one phone number. It allows up to 9 individual private mailboxes per phone number, accessed by a menu prompt when dialing the shared telephone number.

A mailbox owner who shares an extension may not receive a message waiting light or broken dial tone even though there are unheard messages in their private mailbox. This is because MWI is cleared as soon as one of the other mailbox owners sharing that extension listens to their messages. Shared extension subscribers are encouraged to check for messages periodically, without waiting for a light or broken dial tone. The Web PhoneManager is available to individual shared extension mailboxes, click here.

For further help with MWI, please open a trouble ticket at the DoIT Help Desk by calling 4-HELP(4357).

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