HR - Student Help - Hiring Lump Sum

This document provides step by step instructions to hire a student help job that is receiving his/her compensation as a lump sum.

  • This document does not apply to UW-Madison and is intended for users from other UW campuses. UW-Madison users should refer to documentation intended for their campus.

Procedure At-a-Glance

Category: Student Help - Lump Sum
Audience: HR Professionals and those hiring Student Help Jobs
Overarching Process: Hiring Student Help
Navigation:   Workforce Administration > Personal Information > Add a Person - Student Help
Workforce Administration > Job Information> - Add Emplmnt Instance - Student
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General Description:

Lump Sum jobs for students are entered through HR - Student Help - Add an Employment Instance , or thorough Job Data - Student Help Only.  Template Based Hires are used for HOURLY jobs only.  Creating a Student Help job with a Lump Sum is done using the Add a Person - Student - Student Help page when hiring a student who is not in the HRS system, or in EPM.  Always search for an existing record before entering a new student.  This will ensure that work study funds are appropriately linked to the student's job. 

If hiring an existing student, you may use Add an Employment Instance - Student page to hire the student into a new job.  You will need to have the student's employee ID to add the new job. 

If you are transferring a student from one student help job to a new student help job, you may use Job Data - Student Help Only to enter a new row to transfer the student.

Process Inputs

  1. Student Hire form
  2. Student Payroll Forms: I-9, W-4, Direct Deposit
  3. Selective Service Forms (if applicable)
  4. International Tax Forms (if applicable)

Process Outputs:

  1. Student Hired
  2. Additional Employment Record Added
  3. Student Transferred

Process Considerations:

  • Multiple jobs
  • Primary vs. Secondary Job
  • Expected Job End date

Exceptions (including first-year considerations):

Student Hourly jobs with a Pay Basis of hourly (H) can be created via Template Hire. LUMP sum jobs SH jobs cannot be created through the template-based hire.  The Job Data – Student Help only will allow data changes for empl class of SH only. If you attempt to make changes to other empl classes, or if you try to change the empl class on this page, the data will not be saved.

On the Work Location tab, remember to click the Calculate Status and Dates button whenever you change the Effective Date.

Procedure Steps:

The Add a Person process needs to be completed as the soon as possible.
    1. Add a Person

    2.  Search EPM for an existing employee ID.

    Navigate to EPM Reports > HR Reports > UW Person Lookup OR UW Person Lookup NS. 

    >If the person ID is not found then continue to step 2.
    >If the person ID is found then continue to step 3. 

    3.  Search for an existing employee in HRS
    Navigate to Workforce Administration > Personal Information > Add a Person > Search for Matching Persons

    See user procedure: HR - Search for Existing Person in HRS
    >If the person ID is not found then continue to step 3.

    4.  Navigate again to Add a Person (Workforce Administration>Personal Information>Add a Person - Student Help). “NEW” appears in the Person ID field.
    5.  If a Person ID was found in EPM but not in HRS, enter Legacy Person ID as the Empl ID. Using this number, change “NEW” in the Person ID field to the  Legacy Person ID.  The HRS system will assign that number as the Employee ID.
    6.  Click ‘Add the Person’ See HR - Student Help - Add a Person  for detailed steps to enter the data into the Person Data fields.
    7.  On the Organizational Relationships tab Check the ‘Employee’ box and click ‘Add the Relationship’.Read and correct any error messages that appear.  The system automatically navigates to the pages where job data is entered.  Continue with business process Document 15604 is unavailable at this time.  - Student Help. Or Save record and Add Employment Instance - Student Help at a later time (go to step 8).

    8. Add Employment Instance -Student
    Navigation:  Workforce Administration > Job Information > Add Emplmnt Instance - Student 
      1. Enter Empl ID
      2. For concurrent Jobs, the EMLP Rcd Nbr will default to the next available number and the Job Indicator defaults to Secondary Job.Click Add Relationship
      3. On Work location tab. 
    a.  Enter the Effective Date for the hire.  Click ok if warning over 30 days appears if date you selected is correct.
    b.  .Verify the Job Indicator is set to the appropriate setting (primary or secondary).   
    c.  The action of “HIRE” defaults.  Select the action/action reason Original/New Hire.
    d.  Enter Job End Date if known (Check with your campus HR on whether to use this field or not).
    e.  Regulatory Region defaults to USA.
    f.  Company - Click the look up and select UWS.
    g.  Business Unit - Select the hiring campus (SHARE is not a valid option).
    h.  Department - Select the hiring department.
    i.  Location - Enter the location where the job will be performed.
    j.  Establishment ID defaults based on the business unit selected.

    4.  On the Job Information Tab

    a.  Job Code - select the job code for this student.  Only 94870, 94871, 94872, 94873, 94874 are valid options.  Check with your HR department to confirm which job code(s) your campus uses.
    b.  The Regular/Temporary, Empl Class, Regular Shift, Classified Indc, UWC/ UWEX Program Area, Entry Date, Seasonal?, Full/Part and Officer Code fields will default to the correct setting.

    c.  Pay Basis - Select Lump from the drop down.


    d.  The Standard hours will default to 0.01 and the FTE will default to 0.000250, the Work Period will default to WUWS,  and Encumbrance Override will be checked.   No further action is required on this tab. 

    9.  On the Job Labor Tab values will default.

    10.  On the Payroll Tab values will default from the values on work location and job information.  (If the Pay Basis is not selected on the Job Information tab, you will get an error on this page.  Go back and select a Pay Basis of Lump.)

    11.  On the Salary Plan Tab values will default from the values entered on work location and job information.

    12.  On the HR - Comp Rate Frequency Overview , Click the Default Pay Components button. Verify that the Comp Rate Code defaults to NAHRLY and the top and bottom frequencies default to "H".  Leave the Comp Rate BLANK.  Then click “Calculate Compensation”.  Review to ensure calculated amount (on Top Frequency) is correct, i.e., 0.000000.


    13.  On the UW Custom Page, select the Continuity of "N" and Probation Type of "Not Required".  The Probation End Date is grayed out.  Enter a Working Title -- this is used to identify the time sheet in Time & Labor.  Leave the Encumbrances section and Non-Resident Alien Info blank.


    14.  Via the Employment data link, add the Criminal Background Check data as appropriate.

    15.  Click Save to save the job record.

    16.  Click OK for Warning -- Compensation Rate is zero.


    17.  Click OK for Warning -- Not all defaulted compensation rows have a comprate.


    18.  Click OK for Warning -- You have updated job information that is relevant to compensation defaulting on job row 1.


    19.  Enter LUMP sum amount through Additional Pay.  See - PY - Enter Additional Pay

    20.  Enter Funding.  See - Document 16416 is unavailable at this time.

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    NOTE: Student Template Based Hires cannot be used to create Lump Sum jobs.  Don't forget to enter a working title so the student will see the job when entering his/her time.  SHARE is not a valid Business Unit.  Select your campus code!

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