HR - How to View Position Information (on the Position Information Pages)

If you are responsible for verifying changes to an employee's position information (e.g. job code, continuity, standard hours and FTE), you need to know where to locate the information that has been updated. This job aid describes how to search and locate employee position information. (NOTE: this document is for VIEWING information only; NOT for making changes to a position.) Changes that are made to positions may also be visible on the Job Data pages; this document describes where to locate the changed data on the position.

To view position information for an employee (for example Job Code, Continuity, Standard Hours/FTE, etc.), go to: 

Organizational Development > Position Management> Maintain Positions/Budgets>Add/Update Position Info

Note: The Change a Position form may be used to request changes.
To access the form, go to the UW Service Center ADMINISTRATION page and choose Human Resources, and then select the form from the list provided. 

(Remember that an employee's personal and job data is not included in the position pages. Please see the related documents listed at the end of this topic for how to view personal and job data.)

This document covers how to:

Search for a Position

1. For an employee who already has a position, you can locate the Position Number on the Job Data pages, on the Work Location tab. For more details, please refer to HR - Search For an Employee's Position Number From Job Info

 2. To search for a position, go to Organizational Development > Position Management Maintain Positions/Budgets> Add/Update Position Info.
  • Enter the Position Number
  • Click Search.

3. The Position Information pages appear, with tabs across the top.



Tips for viewing data:

  • When you are viewing data in HRS, sometimes there is data that is in other "rows" of the database record and it will not initially appear. This is kind of like the pages in a book. In this example you can see there are 3 rows (by the green arrow where it says "1 of 3").
  • If there is more than one row or page of data, you can navigate between the rows by clicking the little arrows.
  • You may need to click the buttons to Include History or Update/Display at the bottom of the page in order to see all the rows.
    • Include History = History, Current and Future
    • Update Display = Current and Future
    • Include-History_Update-Display_Buttons.png 

View Position Description tab

Most of the information appears on the Position Description tab. For example, you may view Job Code, Employee Class, Pay Basis, Department and Location. 

The Change a Position form may be used to request changes for a position.  To access the form, go to the UW Service Center page ________________

The left side of the table below shows the form; on the right side of the table is a screen shot of the page where you can view the changes. Keep in mind, PeopleSoft HRS has fields that we are not always using or that display information that defaults in, based on data that is entered in other fields. Outlined fields (below) are the ones on this page that you may need to review.

Change a Position form > Position Description

Organizational Development > Position Management> Maintain Positions/Budgets> Add/Update Position Info > Position Description tab


Position Number Will appear as all zeros until the position is saved, and then it will automatically be assigned a unique number.
Headcount Status / Current Head Count Indicates if the position is open or filled; number of employees in the position.
Effective Date This is the date the position is effective (an employee may be hired into this position as of this date). Must be greater than or equal to the date an employee will be placed into the position.
Status Defaults to "active" (must be "active"; we will not inactivate positions when they are vacant since there is no budget impact)

For more about Position Reasons, go to 16619

Defaults to New. (Note: there are many other reasons that are used for changing a position, for example the position in the top of this section was converted from legacy when HRS went live. Other reasons you may see will be for things like title changes, FTE changes, department and location changes, partial leave of absence, etc.)
Action Date The date the position is being created (or changed).
Position Status Defaults to "Approved"
Status Date Defaults to the original effective date.
Key Position
Not required/not used
Business Unit Choose the campus identifier, for example UWMIL for UW Milwaukee.
Career Executive This is for limited use with positions that meet the OSER definition.
Job Code Choose the Official OSER or UPG 1 title code, for example 00101 for a Financial Specialist 1. TAB out of the field and other information related to the Job Code defaults on the position.
Manager Level
We are not using this field.
Reg/Temp Always set to "Regular" (this defaults)
Full/Part Time

Choose the appropriate indicator. If an employee works 40 hours per week, select the FT value.  If an employee works less than 40 hours, select the PT value.
Regular Shift
We are not using this field.
Union Code
Defaults to the correct value based on Job Code.
Title This defaults from the Job Code field. Any changes made to the Title field will be reflected on the Working Title field on the Job.
Short Title

This defaults from the Job Code field

Detailed Position Description Links to another page where you can enter some information about the position (not the full position description).
Empl Class Choose the appropriate class based on Job Code, for example CP for University Staff (classified) permanent.
Continuity Choose the continuity status value; choices will vary based on the Empl Class that was selected. For example if you choose CP the Continuity defaults to 01.
Pay Basis
Choose the correct pay basis for this position, for example Hourly.
Reg Region Defaults to USA.
Department Choose the appropriate Organizational Department.
Company Defaults to UW System (after you select the Department)
Location Choose the work location of the job. This is the Alpha character plus the building code, for example, H0095
Reports To
Supervisor Level
Security Clearance
Not using these fields - leave blank. (Note: there is a different location in Time and Labor and Absence Management for setting up time and absence approvers.)

Salary Admin Plan & Grade
Information defaults in from the Job Code and Business Unit.
Step Defaults in based on Job Code and Business Unit.
Standard Hours / FTE

Defaults to 40 hours when you enter the Job Code; change the Standard Hours as needed for accurate reflection of Standard Hours on the Position. For example, if you enter 12.80 for Standard Hours, and then TAB out of the field, the FTE will automatically calculate to 32%

For a limited term employee (LTE) or an employee without a regular schedule or hours, 0.01 is the lowest Standard Hours that HRS allows; it will calculate to .00025 FTE.
Work Period
WUWS defaults (and should not ever be changed).
 USA_flag_expanded.png Expand the flag to see additional fields, below.
FLSA Status (under the USA flag Defaults in from Job Code: Nonexempt or Exempt. (Note: For mixed FLSA job codes and AS Hourly this field may require manual manipulation)
Bargaining Unit (under the USA flag) Not used; refer to the Job Information.


View Specific Information tab

Change a Position form > Specific Information

Organizational Development > Position Management> Maintain Positions/Budgets> Add/Update Position Info> Specific Information tab



Max Head Count This defaults to 1. Change this to reflect the number of Incumbents that may be hired into the Position. Remember that changes on the position affect everyone connected to the position.
Update Incumbents When you first create a position, this box will be unchecked. After you hire a person into the position, it should automatically be checked. When you make a change to the position you should verify that it is checked, so the changes will flow from the position to the job.
Include Salary Plan/Grade Not used - leave unchecked.
Mail Drop ID This field is not being used.
Health Certificate Not used.
Signature Authority Not used.
Budgeted Position This defaults to checked. (Must be checked for commit accounting to work
Confidential Position Not used - leave blank.
Job Sharing Permitted Not used - leave blank.
Available for Telework Not used - leave blank.
Position Pool ID Not used - leave blank.
Pre-Encumbrance Indicator Defaults to None
Academic Rank Not used - leave blank.
Calc Group (Flex Service) Not used - leave blank.
Encumber Salary Option Defaults in; do not change.
Classified Indicator IGNORE this field. This is a PeopleSoft default field and has nothing to do with UWSA University Staff (classified) or FA/AS/LI (unclassified) jobs. It defaults to Classified for all positions; just ignore it.
FTE Do not update. Defaults from Standard Hours.
Adds to FTE Actual Count
Not used - leave blank.


View Budget and Incumbents tab

Change a Position form > Budget & Incumbents

Organizational Development > Position Management> Maintain Positions/Budgets> Add/Update Position Info> Budget & Incumbents tab

This tab shows the name of the incumbent, and allows you to easily link to the Job Data pages for this employee. 



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