Tier 2: Welcome to Windows 7

Hello and thank you for agreeing to be one of our first staff members to be assigned a Windows 7 Tier 2 computer.

For a glossary of terms and information on the Library Technology Group computing environment, click here.

There are several new things that we would like to point out.

User Account Control (UAC)

One of the biggest changes you will notice is that your Tier 2 user is no longer a local administrator on your computer.   This is a change that is being implemented on Windows 7 to meet campus security requirements.     Most major threats to computers occur from user interaction with the Web through tools like browsers and email clients and by logging in with a non-administrative user for daily tasks, you significantly reduce the risk of malware installation or other harmful viruses and unintended changes to your computer.

What that means to you is that when you make changes on your computer like installing software or copying files to your hard drive, you will be prompted to "elevate" your permissions to an account that has administrative rights.   All Tier 2 users will be provisioned an administrative user:  your username followed by '-adm', for example 'kgoodman-adm'.  While using Windows, you may notice buttons or icons that have a shield that looks like thisUACShield.PNG.      This signifies that using this will make changes to the operating system and will require administrative rights/permission to do so.

 When you click on something with this shield, a box similar to the following will pop up:


  • If you see a box like this and are sure you want to give it permission to run, click yes and the program will run. However, if you see something similar to the following box with a yellow heading, Windows cannot verify that the program about to run is legitimate, so exercise more caution when clicking yes.
  • If you are unsure why one of these boxes has popped up and you have not purposely downloaded and ran or clicked on something that might pop up a box like this, you should click no. This will help to prevent viruses and trojans from getting onto the machine.
Before you use this account for the first time, you will need to change the password.   See this document for instructions to do so. 
Any problems that you encounter during this early adoption period should be reporting to LTG by calling 262-8880 or emailing ltghelpdesk@library.wisc.edu.    Please make a list of the issues and comments and email them to ltghelpdesk@library.wisc.edu .

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