SSL Certificate Support

This document provides channels of support for users to contact if they are having issues with SSL certificates.

Support Options

  • Call the DoIT Help Desk (4-HELP)

  • Contact

  • For unusual cases, we will likely refer you to Comodo directly for support, see the following instructions for contacting Comodo directly:

    • Web Support: Search the Comodo Knowledgebase and Forum archives before submitting a support ticket.

    • Email Support (Available 24x7): Contact A support ticket will automatically be generated if you are a registered user. If you're not a registered user, fill out this form. Once Comodo receives the email, an auto responder will reply with the corresponding ticket number.

    • Telephone Support (Monday through Friday, 4 AM to 8 PM Eastern): Dial (703) 637-9361, Select Option 1 (Enterprise Solutions Support), then select Option 2 (Certificate Manager or Digital Certificate Support).