UW Digital ID (Win) - Digitally Signing PDF Documents with Adobe Acrobat Pro 9

This document details how to digitally sign a PDF using Adobe Acrobat (Win). This document assumes you already have a UW Digital ID.

Note: Acrobat Pro XI does not require this process as it will automatically recognize your certificate if you imported it into Windows. Refer to the Acrobat 10 link for instructions for Acrobat 9.

Acrobat 9 and below Signing

Follow below steps if you have Acrobat 9 or lower otherwise follow steps here: Acrobat 10 »

  1. Step one is making sure you have your UW Digital ID stored in a .p12 file on your computer.  If you have installed your UW Digital ID into an email client or web browser you can export it to a file on your computer using the instructions below:

    1. UW Digital ID (Mac) - Exporting a Digital Certificate from Keychain
    2. UW Digital ID (Win) - Exporting a PKI Digital Certificate from Internet Explorer or Outlook
    3. UW Digital ID (Mac) - Exporting a Digital Certificate from Firefox
    4. UW Digital ID (Win) - Exporting a Digital Certificate from Firefox
    5. UW Digital ID (Mac) - Exporting a Digital Certificate from Thunderbird

  2. You will also need to download the Adobe Security Settings file that is used to validate the trust of your UW Digital ID.  You can download this file here: UWisconsin.acrobatsecuritysettings

    Note: make sure to right-click on the file above and "Save Target As" & "File name:"= UWisconsin.acrobatsecuritysettings & "Save as type:"= All Files

  3. Open Adobe Acrobat, then navigate to the "Advanced" menu and select "Security" then "Import Security Settings"

  4. 1.gif
  5. Select the UWisconsin.acrobatsecuritysettings file that you downloaded in step 2 and click "Open"

  6. 2.gif
  7. The Import Security Settings Window will open, click "Import"

  8. 3.gif
  9. The successfully imported message window will appear, click "OK"

  10. 4.gif
  11. Your UW Digital ID is now installed and trusted within Adobe Acrobat.  You can verify this by navigating to the "Advanced" menu and select "Security Settings" then expand the "Digital IDs" field and click "Windows Digital IDs next select your digital certificate in the window pane on the right and finally click "Certificate Details"

  12. 6.gif
  13. Next navigate to the "Trust" tab you should see a green check mark next to "Sign documents or data".

  14. 8_Certificate_Viewer_Edited.gif
  15. Now to sign your document navigate to the Tasks Toolbar and select "Sign" then "Sign Document", use your mouse to select where your UW Digital ID will be displayed.

  16. 5.gif
  17. Finally, select your UW Digital ID from the drop down menu, enter your password and click "Sign".

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