Reviewing IRB Meeting Minutes in ARROW

Instructions for IRB Members

IRB meeting minutes must be ratified by the convened IRB. Two IRB members are assigned as primary reviewers who are responsible for reviewing the set of meeting minutes they have been assigned to ensure the minutes are accurate and complete and for making recommendations to the IRB regarding whether the minutes can be accepted as proposed or accepted with revisions that they outline. IRB members are only assigned to review minutes for meetings they attend. If an IRB member has any questions or concerns about the meeting minutes, the member can contact the IRB Director to discuss.

Here are the steps to follow when reviewing IRB meeting minutes in ARROW:

  1. IRB members assigned as primary reviewers for IRB meeting minutes will receive an email notification from ARROW informing them that a minutes document is ready for their review.
  2. To review the meeting minutes, log into ARROW ( using your NetID and password.
  3. After you have logged in, locate the meeting minutes by clicking on the "Inbox: Minutes" tab.
  4. To access the meeting minutes, click on the meeting name to open the meeting workspace.
  5. To review the entire meeting minutes document, click on the "Print Closed Minutes" button on the lefthand side.
  6. To exit the meeting minutes document, close the tab for that document and return to the meeting workspace.
  7. You can also review meeting minutes by individual submissions by clicking on each agenda item in the Agenda tab.
  8. When your review of the meeting minutes is complete, click on the "Submit Minutes Review Notes" activity on the lefthand side.
  9. After you click the "Submit Minutes Review Notes" link, you will see a short activity form for you to complete.
  10. If you have revisions you with to request, please note them in response to question 1.1.1.  Please be sure to include the protocol number for which you are requesting revisions.
  11. When you have completed the form, click OK.
  12. After you click OK, your review of the minutes is complete.  The IRB Office will then revise the minutes document based on your comments and any proposed revisions.

Tips for Reviewing Minutes

  • Help with navigating and using ARROW
  • Questions about a specific protocol