SIS - Student Enrollment History Messages

This document displays all codes and messages in Student Enrollment History

History Index

Error Messages

5=You are already enrolled in this class;
6=This class is closed and the wait list is full;
7=This class is closed;
13=Unable to drop or change units below minimum unit load;
14=Class is a co-requisite to another class;
18=Requisites Not Met;
19=Co-requisites Not Met;
29=The wait list is full;
30=Maximum term unit load exceeded;
33=Not enrolled in the /'From/' class, swap not processed;
34=You are already enrolled in this class;
35=Swap to class is closed and no wait list is available;
38=Class requires permission to enroll;
46=This class is closed and the wait list is full;
50=Class has been canceled;
51=The wait list is full for one or more of the class components requested;
69=Past the deadline to Add;
70=Past the deadline to Add;
71=Past the deadline to Drop;
72=Past the deadline to Drop;
73=Past the deadline to Drop;
74=Past the deadline to update units/credits;
79=No valid appointment;
87=You have a hold on your record;
88=A related class component is required;
91=Maximum term or Session unit load exceeded;
92=Maximum term or Session unit load exceeded;
93=Maximum term or Session unit load exceeded;
100=Maximum term unit load exceeded;
103=Value entered for Units Taken are not within the valid range;
112=Operator defaults must be set in order to successfully cancel a class; navigate to Set Up SACR-User Defaults and consult the SIS home page for details on setting your user defaults;
118=Class has been graded and cannot be dropped;
123=Maximum term or Session unit load exceeded;
124=Maximum term or Session unit load exceeded;
133=Class requires permission to enroll;
137=Withdrawn from term;
143=Class is closed and you have been re-sectioned to like time/day pattern;
145=This is a duplicate transaction - select another class;
146=You are already enrolled in this class;
154=Class is closed. You have been placed on the wait list;
157=You have a hold on your record;
160=Unable to drop or change units below minimum unit load;
162=This combined class is closed and the wait list is full;
163=This combined class is closed;
164=This class is closed;
167=The maximum term wait list unit limit would be exceeded with this change;
209=Optional component class is closed;
210=Optional component class is closed and the wait list is full;
212=You are already wait listed for this class;
214=Class requires permission to enroll;
233=Enrollment Requirement is not met for the Class, action required.

Messages - Not an Error
138 = Warning – Enrollment status is Withdrawn.
141=Honors has been set to Yes by the enrollment process. This class is an honors only designation class.
147=You have exceeded the repeatable limit for this class. Verify that this class will apply towards your course study.
232=Requirement is now satisfied.
234=The pre-requisite for this class is currently in progress; Failure to successfully complete the pre-requisite may result in being dropped.

Enroll Status

Enrollment Transaction Status:

Errors (request not successful)
Success (successful request)
Messages (successful request)
Pending (transaction saved but not successfully submitted)


Enroll Action

Enrollment Activity Requested:

Enroll (add a class)
Enroll - WL (Placed on wait list for class)

Drop (drop an enrolled class)
Drop - WL (Dropped from wait listed class)

Swap (swap a class)
Swap - WL (swap out of an enrolled class and placed on wait list for different class and/or section)

Chg WL Pos (change wait list position)

Norm Maint (update credit or honors selection)

Add Grade
Change Grade
Remove Grade


Enroll Reason

Enroll Reason codes may appear when an enrollment transaction was performed by the Registrar/'s Office via a Course Change Request or a Class Roster Section Change Request.

 Enroll Source

The source of the Enrollment Request:

SE = Self Service (web enrollment)

E = Registrar's Staff 10 digit User Id.

QE = Quick Enroll (Registrar/'s Office)

WD = Withdraw Engine

CC = Canceled Section Engine


The Office of the Registrar

333 East Campus Mall #10301, Madison, WI 53715-1384;

Mon-Fri 7:45-4:30 at (608) 262-3811;

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