HR - Expected Job End Date Query

The UW_HR_EXPECTED_JOB_END_DATE Query Report will be utilized by the campuses to proactively look at those employees that have an upcoming Expected Job End Date. This review will provide the opportunity to adjust the EJED for those employees whose Job records will be extended and avoid the issue of incorrect or early termination of these employees.

Procedure At-a-Glance

Category: HR Monthy Audit Queries - Data Integrity.
Audience: HR Staff.
Overarching Process: HR 3.00 Maintain Workforce.
Navigation: Reporting Tools > Query > Query Viewer

General Description:

This report should be run on a monthly basis or as needed to look at employees with future dated Expected Job End Dates (EJED's).  If an employee's EJED is accurate, no action is required.  If an employee’s Job has been approved for extension, then that information will need to be entered into HRS.  The query can be run by Department, Division, and Campus staff that have access to Query Viewer.

Navigation:  Reporting Tools > Query > Query Viewer > UW_HR_EXPECTED_JOB_END_DATE


Process Inputs

There are 4 prompt inputs for this Query Report.
  1. Business Unit (Required)
  2. As of Date (Required)
  3. Department (Required - Enter the full Dept ID or partial UDDS( Unit Division, Dept, or Sub Dept) / For example A06% for Division 
  4. Empl Class Required - Enter the entire Empl Class code (AS, FA, SA1, etc), the % sign for all values, or partial (SA% for SA1, SA2, etc)


Process Outputs:

Query Reports can be run to HTML or to Excel.

Fields on this report include: Empl ID, Empl Rec, Effective Date, Effective Seq, Name, Business Unit, Dept ID, Empl Class, Continuity Code, Planned Exit (EJED), Pay Status, and Pay Group

Process Considerations:

The UW_HR_EXPECTED_JOB_END_DATE query can be run any time by Department, Division, and Campus staff that have access to Query Viewer.   This will give ample time for the campuses to review the EJED's and make any necessary adjustments to prevent early termination of employees.

Corrective action may be required as a result of information presented in this report.

Procedure Steps:

To run this Query Report, please follow these steps:
  1. Navigate to Reporting Tools > Query > Query Viewer. 
  2. Enter the Query Name (UW_HR_EXPECTED_JOB_END_DATE) in the "begins with" field
  3. Click on the "Search" button
  4. Click on the Run to HTML link or the Run To Excel link
  5. Enter a valid "Business Unit" value
  6. Enter a future "As of Date"
  7. Enter the "Department" prompt value (Note: a partial department value can be entered (eg A062%) to select all departments that begin with A062; For all Departments, enter the campus identifying letter followed by the percent sign (eg A%); For Division, enter the Division code followed by the percent sign (eg A48%) )
  8. Enter a valid "Empl Class" (Note: for all employee classes, enter the percent sign (%); For a specific employee class, enter that code AS; For a group of employee classes, enter the partial employee class code followed by the percent sign (E% for ET1; ET2; ET3; ET4)).
  9. View results
  10. Initiate correction activities for Job Data identified in the report if necessary

If the Expected Job End Date needs to be extended:

  1. Insert a New Job row (+)
  2. Make sure that the Effective Date is equal to the current date or a date prior to the EJED
  3. Enter an Action code of DATA CHANGE
  4. Enter a Reason code of CHANGE EXPECTED JOB END DATE
  5. Update the EJED to the appropriate date
  6. SAVE

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NOTE:Corrective action may be required as a result of information presented in this report.

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