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Job postings are job descriptions that you publish to attract applicants for a job opening. The descriptions are made up of multiple modules. To create a job description, you can choose predefined text blocks, compose your own text, or mix the two methods.

  1. Click on the Job Postings link on the navigation bar within the Job Opening to access the section.

  2. Click on the + Add Job Postings link. This link will open up the page for selecting and adding Job Posting(s) information and types.


  3. Review the descriptions below to help identify the various fields within the Posting Information page of Job Postings.


    Required Fields Comments
    Posting Title

    The default Posting Title comes from information that was entered on the Primary Job Opening Information page when the job opening was first created. It can be updated or changed to reflect the Title that you would prefer to use in the Job Posting(s).  The Posting Title is visible to applicants.

    NOTE: If you change the Posting Title on the Job Opening, it will change your Posting Title throughout the Job Details.

    Visible Use this field to control whether a particular section of the job description appears in internal postings (to UW employees), external postings (to the public) or both.
    Description Type

    This drop-down list feeds the posting description library and helps facilitate the job postings information. The Description Types appear as headers within the job posting. You can choose which type you want to appear in your individual posting.  Descriptions are sequenced for the final job postings in this order:

    Faculty/Academic Staff/Limited                                        University Staff/Temporary Employee

    1. ATTENTION                                                                                   1. HOW TO APPLY
    2. JOB DETAILS                                                                                2. HR CONTACT
    3. QUALIFICATIONS                                                                          3. INTRODUCTION
    4. RESPONSIBILITIES                                                                      4. JOB DUTIES
    5. DEPARTMENT INFORMATION                                                     5. QUALIFICATIONS
    6. CAMPUS INFORMATION                                                               6. SPECIAL NOTES
    11. TO APPLY


    Description ID This field contains IDs associated to the institution specific language used in the Description field.  The language is provided by the individual institution.  Click on the magnifying glass to access and select the appropriate value from the list. 

    This field is populated based on the selection made in the Description ID field.  If language has been supplied by the instituion, then that will be pulled into this section.  If no institution specific language was supplied, then this section is where you will type information that will appear on the job posting. 

    IMPORTANT NOTES: When copying and pasting text into a Description field, any Microsoft special characters such as apostrophes ('), space hyphen space sequences ( - ), or bullet points will appear as upside down question marks once the posting is live. You should re-type the special characters after they have been pasted.   Use alternatives to bullet points (such as, dashes (-), asterisks (*), etc.) to replace the bullets. 


    Indicates where the different types of postings will be advertised (i.e. website, newspaper, journal). NOTE: Newspaper, Journal and Other selections do not push the job postings anywhere; however, the campus website Destination does push the job posting to the Candidate Gateway site for external applicants to see. The same premise applies for the UW Portal Destination. This Destination will push the job posting to the Self Service Careers site for UW employees to see. And the HigherEdJobs.com will also post (during a nightly process) to their website.  Additionally there is a third party job indexing service that pulls all visible postings from Candidate Gateway and places them on the US.jobs website as well as sends them to the WI Department of Workforce Development's (DWD) Job Center of Wisconsin website.  For record keeping purposes, it is recommended to also select the Job Center of Wisconsin Destination found in the Other Subsources section.

     Destination Posting Type
     Campus Website - Specify campus  External
     UW Portal  Internal
     HigherEdJobs.com  External (nightly feed)
     Newspaper  External with Subsources selected
     Journal  External with Subsources selected
     Other  External with Subsources selected
     WI DWD Job Center of Wisconsin External with Subsource of Job Center of Wisconsin selected

    Relative Open Date

    It is best practice to use the Relative Open Date of approve date. Click on the dropdown list and choose "Approve Dt". When the Job Opening/or Requisition is approved, the posting will be automatically posted by the system.

    The number of days are " X days" after the approval date.

    Post Date Post Date is the date when the Job Opening gets posted. It is populated based on Relative Open Date.
    Remove Date

    Date the job posting will be removed. It is automally populated if you enter a number in the Posting Duration field or a specific date can be added instead of using the Posting Duration.  If a date or time frame of the job posting is entered, TAM expires the job posting based upon the entered date or time. Users must remember to change/update as necessary. You can only choose Remove Date or Posting Duration (Days).

    Note: The remove date is driven by the posting duration (days).

    Posting Duration (Days) Number of days the job posting will be active and then removed. If a time frame of the job posting is entered, TAM expires the job posting based upon the date or time. Users must remember to change/update as necessary. You can only choose Remove Date or Posting Duration (Days).

  4. Click the Preview button to "Preview" the Job Posting that has been created.  By default, you see sections that are applicable to external postings first, you can click the "Switch to Internal View" link to see the sections that are applicable to internal postings.


    5. Click OK if you have completed the job posting.

Optionally, if you would like to create an additional job posting, such as to record language for a print ad, you can add another job posting by clicking the Add Job Postings link on the Job Postings page. Then follow the steps above.


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