AM - LOA - Entering Military Leave Absences


This procedure documents the process of entering Leave of Absence entries for University Staff (Classified)and FA/AS/LI(Unclassified) Military employees on Active Duty.


Wisconsin State Statute §230.35(3) and labor agreements generally provide 30 work days of leave with differential pay each calendar year for eligible military service. In addition, Wisconsin State Statute §230.315 provides up to four years of military differential pay and leave benefits for employees called up for eligible military duty from a reserve status on or after January 1, 2003.

During the annual 30 day military leave benefit, the employee is eligible to receive the difference between state pay and military base pay. When an employee is eligible for the four year military leave provisions, the employee receives the difference between base state pay and military base pay plus base military housing allowance (BAH). For both 30 day and 4 year military leave, if military pay is higher than state pay, the employee has the option to take an unpaid military leave of absence or use accumulated leave, except sick leave, to remain on payroll. An employee is eligible to maintain all benefits, accumulate paid leave and receive full Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) crediting.

Below are the various scenarios which require different actions in order to enter Military Leave of Absence entries.

  • University Staff (Classified) Employee where UW Pay ≥ Military Pay
  • University Staff (Classified) Employee where UW Pay < Military Pay
  • FA/AS/LI (Unclassified) Employee where UW Pay ≥ Military Pay (30 day Military Leave)
  • FA/AS/LI (Unclassified) Employee where UW Pay < Military Pay

LOA Entering Military Leave Absences Decision Tree

30 day requires no LOA entry in HR. 4 year Active Duty requires Paid LOA/ Military entry in HR and Absence entries for University Staff (Classified), with no Absence entry required for FA/AS/LI (Unclassified) when UW Pay is greater than or equal to Military Pay.

Employees going on military training or active duty should contact their HR representative for information about military leave pay and benefits, and to provide information about the employee's military rank and years of service, type of duty, and expectation of a housing allowance. Additional information is available at the UW System Military Leave Resources website:

In addition to Absence Management, HR, Payroll and Benefits are likely affected and those processes need to be coordinated.


  1. Navigate to Global Payroll & Absence Mgmt.

  2. Select Payee Data.

  3. Select Maintain Absences.

  4. Select UWS Absences.

  5. The Absence Events screen will display. There are multiple ways to search for employees including:

    • Group ID – use the magnifying glass to retrieve all of the employees to which you are assigned as the "Payroll Coordinator"
    • Department – use this field to search for employees in a specific department
    • Pay Group – use the magnifying glass to search for employees in a specific Pay Group
    • EmplID – use this field to search for a specific employee by Employee ID (Person ID)
    • Last Name – use this field to search for a specific person by Last Name or the first few letters of their Last Name
  6. Once you have entered the relevant search criteria, click on the Get Employees button.

    Search Criteria

  7. The employee or the list of employees that match the search criteria will display. Click on the Select checkbox next to the desired employee's name and click on the Request Absence button.

    Employee Search Results

  8. On the Enter Absence Events screen, any previous absence takes for the employee will display. If the employee has submitted absences in the past, you will need to click the Add Row icon (Add a New Row icon) to begin. If not, a new row will automatically display.

    Absence Event Screen  NOTE: Do not delete any existing rows. Preserve the absence history of the employee by simply adding a row to enter the absence.

  9. Populate the Event From Date and Thru Date fields for the employee's military leave of absence. You can either enter the date they took the absence in the format MM/DD/YYYY or you can click the Calendar icon (Calendar icon) and select the date.

  10. Select the type of absence for the employee using the Absence Take drop down.

    NOTE - The Dates and type of Absence will vary based on the following scenarios:

    Date and Absence Entry Types

  11. Click on the OK button to save the absence.

    Enter Absence Event


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