TAM - Review Screening Levels for a Job Opening

Screening in a job opening is the process that can be used to evaluate a list of potential candidates and narrow the list to a few qualified candidates that can be interviewed or hired.
Two screening levels exist in TAM; Minimum Qualifications and Preferred Qualifications. Both screening levels do not have to be used; Minimum Qualifications level can be used without the Preferred Qualifications level. The Minimum Qualifications level is a great way for the system to assist in screening applicants who do not meet the required qualifications to be considered for the vacancy. These screening levels are then attached to job openings (applicant completes questions when completing their on-line application). Screening levels can be grouped according to how well an applicant meets the screening criteria.

The goal of a screening process is to take the requirements of the job opening and:

  • Compare them with the qualifications of applicants.
  • Create a group list of qualified applicants.

Using the Minimum and Preferred Qualifications screening levels enables you to screen applicants based on different criteria. For example, you might initially screen candidates for basic eligibility (Minimum Qualifications) based on whether the applicant is willing to work full-time. A separate screening level (Preferred Qualifications) then enables you to screen based on qualifications such as years of experience, education, and licenses.

  1. To review the screening levels for a Job Opening navigate to HRS Main Menu>Recruiting>Find Job Openings. Use the search criteria to find your job opening for which you will review screening levels.
  2. Use the Manage Applicants view, which includes options for viewing applicants, screening applicants and managing interview schedules.
  3. Click the Screen Applicants link.   NOTE: If the Screen Applicants link is not visible, log out of HRS (TAM) and log back into HRS. This action should reactivate the link.

  4. Click the View Screening Levels link. Use the Screening Levels page to review and modify the screening levels that are associated with the job opening.


  5. Review the list of screening levels that are associated with this job opening. The Last Run Date field is blank if the screening level has not been run by the Recruiter.
  6. To view and modify the requirements for a screening level, click the Edit link for that screening level (i.e. Minimum). Changes made on this page do not affect the screening level definition or other job openings where the screening level definition is used.


  7. Scroll down the page. You can modify screening criteria, such as the points distribution or check boxes, but you cannot add new screening questions.
  8. Once a screening criteria has been modified, click OK.
  9. Click Save.

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