BN - Self Service (eBenefits) for New Hires - FAQ

This document includes a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions regarding Self Service (eBenefits) enrollments for New Hires.

  • Who has access to Self Service?
    • All benefit eligible UW employees (full and part-time) who work for an institution offering Self Service will have access to enter enrollments on line within 7 days of their date of hire. This includes all University Staff (classified), Faculty, Academic Staff, Limited Appointees (FA / AS / LI - Unclassified), Student Hourly and Graduate student employees. Contact your institution Office of Human Resources to find out if eBenefits (self-service) is available to you.
  • What if I don't have access to a computer at work?
    • While many UW employees have direct access to a computer at work, some do not because their work duties do not require the use of a computer. If you do not have a computer at your desk or in your office, you can still access Self Service from computer kiosks located at your UW institution. By contacting your campus Office of Human Resources, you should be able to find information regarding the locations of computer kiosks where you can login to access benefits Self Service. If the kiosks are not easily accessible, you can use your home computer or public library computers. If you are unable to use a computer, paper documents and forms for all human resource, payroll, and benefits functions will still be available.
  • How do I access my human resource, payroll, and benefit information?
    • You currently have access to some human resource, payroll, and benefit information through My UW System Portal or MyUW Madison. As of today, UW employees can log in to find copies of earnings statements, W-2s, and Annual Staff Benefits Statements. Many institutions also offer Self Service for initial enrollments for benefits.
  • What will I be able to do in Self Service?
    • There are a number of actions you can do via Self Service.  These will include the following functions:
      • View and print earnings statements
      • View and print year-end tax documents (W-2s, etc)
      • View Current Benefits Summary
      • View available paid time off (vacation, sick, etc)
      • Update personal information (address, phone number)
      • Report time and absences (timecards)
      • Manager approval of time and absences
      • Update Tax Sheltered Annuity (TSA) deductions (if you are already enrolled)
    • Additional functionality is anticipated in the future.  Employees will be notified of new options via Self Service as they become available.
  • How do I know I am eligible to enroll in benefits using self service?
    • You should receive information from your institution Office of Human Resources regarding your ability to make benefits enrollments through Self Service.
    • You should see a link in your benefits section of your My UW System Portal or MyUW Madison that directs you to begin the benefits enrollment process through Self Service.
  • How long do I have to enroll in benefits using self service?
    • From your date of hire, you have 30 days to enroll in benefits online using Self Service. It is recommended that you complete your benefits enrollment in one sitting.
    • After your 30-day window elapses, you will be required to complete paper applications and hand those in to your institution Office of Human Resources.
  • What information is available in the My UW System Portal or MyUW Madison?
    • In the benefits section of your My UW System Portal, you will find your Benefits Summary, listing the benefits plans and coverage levels that you are currently enrolled in.
    • You also have access to your leave information, earnings statements, time-keeping functions (if applicable), and other information regarding your employment with the University of Wisconsin.
  • How do I begin enrolling in benefits using self service?
  • When can I add my dependents for coverage?
    • You will have the opportunity to add any dependents to your record after you have clicked into the first benefit plan that you are enrolling in. After choosing a plan and scrolling to the bottom of the screen, you will see an Add/Review Dependents button that will allow you to begin the process of adding dependents to your record.  It is very important to enter accurate information for dates of birth, gender, and social security number.
      • Remember to enter your dependent's name information using all CAPITAL letters.
      • If you make a mistake when entering the information for your dependent, you will have to contact your institution Benefits Administrator to make those changes on your behalf.
    • Once you have entered your dependent's information and save the record, you will be returned to the enrollment screen.  To enroll a dependent into a plan, click the checkbox for that dependent under the benefit plan you want to enroll them in.
  • How do I finish enrolling in benefits through self service?
    • At the very bottom of the enrollment screen, you will see a Save and Continue button that will begin the submission process. After clicking that, you will see a Submit screen that ensures you are ready to submit your benefit elections. You MUST verify your selections by clicking the Submit button or the elections will not be complete.  Once you have gone through the submit process, the following day you will receive a confirmation email and a link to verify your elections in your My UW System Portal.  Please take a moment to verify that all selections are accurate.
  • I submitted my choices, but forgot to enroll in a plan. What can I do?
    • If you need to add a plan, enroll additional dependents, or change one of your elections and you are still within your 30 day New Hire enrollment window, contact with your institution Office of Human Resources, who will be able to assist you filling out paper applications.
  • What happens if I don't enroll in benefits during my 30-day window?
    • It is very important to make all enrollment choices within the 30 day New Hire window.  You are encouraged to speak with your institution Office of Human Resources to be counseled on what your options are for enrolling in specific benefit plans once your 30 day enrollment window closes.
  • I want to enroll in a Tax Sheltered Annuity (savings plan for retirement), but I don't see that option in self service.  How can I enroll in one?
    • Savings accounts, such as a Tax Sheltered Annuity (TSA) and Wisconsin Deferred Compensation, cannot be enrolled in using Self Service. You will need to print out and complete a Salary Reduction Agreement, located at the UW Service Center website, and hand it in to your campus Office of Human Resources.
      • Note – You are able to update your contributions to your Tax Sheltered Annuity plan using Self Service.  Wisconsin Deferred Compensation changes are completed on line using the WDC website.

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