TAM - Browse for Job Opening(s)

Use the Browse Job Openings page to find and view Job Openings, based upon your user security and role within TAM.

1. Navigate to HRS » Recruiting » Browse Job Openings.

2. Use the Browse Job Openings page to view lists of jobs based on three criteria:
  1. Filter the Display field by your relationship to the job opening. It has a default value of Job Assigned to me. These are jobs for which you are either the primary recruiter or the primary hiring manager.
      Click the Display list. Job Associated to me are job openings for which you are the creator or a member of the hiring team (recruiter, hiring manager, interviewer or interested party).
    • Choose a list item from the drop down menu.
      Jobs Assigned To Me

  2. Filter by job openings by status. Initially, it is set to display job openings in an open status. Click the Display list.
    • Choose a list item from the drop down menu.


  3. Filter by the recent activity that has occurred (changes, updates, etc) within a selected period of time. The default is to show all jobs without regard to when they were last active. Click the Display list. Choose a list item from the drop down.


3. When you change the filtering criteria, you need to refresh the page to apply your changes. Click the Refresh button.


4. Click the View Drafts link to perform a search for all jobs in draft status. This link retains the existing value for the third Display filter.

5. Click the Find Job Openings link to access a page where you can perform more specific job searches, including searches by job opening ID.


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