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This procedure outlines the process of making changes to the adjusted continuous service date.

Procedure At-a-Glance

Category: Maintain Employee Data
Audience: HR Professionals
Overarching Process: Maintain Employee Data
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General Description

Your continuous service date is the date that you began state/UW employment, adjusted for any breaks in service. For more information, refer to the Related Policies Section of this document.

The Absence Management process requires an Adjusted Continuous Service Date for University Staff Ongoing (Classified Permanent) employees and University Staff Project - FT Finite (Classified Project) employees who were formerly University Staff Ongoing (Classified Permanent). If the Adjusted Continuous Service Date is blank for an employee when a pay period is processed, the Absence Management record will never be available for that pay period.  Note: For Transfers from Another State Agency, the correct date should be obtained from the transfer record.  You can also obtain the correct date by contacting the other institution/agency or looking the information up on the ETF One Net system.  If this field is left blank, the employee will appear on the Workflow Exception Dashboard (WED) as an error.  In addition, there is a report (UW_HR_674_MACSDR) that lists all active University Staff Ongoing (classified permanent) employees with a missing Adjusted Continuous Service Date that is produced after every University Staff (classified) bi-weekly payroll confirm.  If an incorrect date is entered, such as the Date of Hire in the case of a Transfer, the Absence Management process will give them their full allocation as if they were a new hire.

Process Inputs

Process Outputs

  • Cleaned Up Data

Process Considerations

There is only one Adj Cont Serv Dt per Employee, although Employees can have multiple Jobs.  This field is used to track a date across an employee’s entire employment relationship with the UW, and so will be the single Adjusted Continuous Service Date for each applicable employee with an EMP organizational relationship in PeopleSoft. HR Professionals will need to understand the implications of maintaining the correct Adj Cont Serv Dt in HRS.

Exceptions (including first-year considerations)

Adj Cont Serv Dts will be converted from the SENIORITY field on the Person Record in Legacy IADS. Only University Staff (Classified) (CJ & CP) Employees will have “valid” Adj Cont Serv Dts. Faculty/Academic Staff/Limited Appointment (FA/AS/LI) (Unclassified) Employees may have Adj Cont Serv Dts if they held previous University Staff (Classified Positions).

Procedure Steps

Run Missing Adj Cont Svc Dt report (Query Report), refer to the HR - Missing Adj Cont Svc Dt Report (Query Report) knowledge base document. Once you have run that report, for each employee you wish to change, please follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Workforce Administration>Personal Information>-Modify a Person

  2. Navigate to Modify a Person

  3. Search for employee (Enter the EmplID for the employee, or search by Name, or Last name)

  4. Search for employee

  5. Select the employee from the search results

  6. Select Employee

  7. Click on the "UW Personal" Tab

  8. UW Personal

  9. Enter the appropriate date in the Adj Cont Svc Dt field or click the calendar icon datetimepicker.png to open a date/time picker.

  10. Enter or select appropriate date

  11. Click on Save

  12. Save

  13. To view the Adj. Cont Service Date, navigate to: Workforce Administration>Job Information>Job Data and click on the Employment Data link
  14. Navigate to Employment Data page

  15. The Adj Cont Service Date field is populated on the Employment Information page. It can not be changed on this page, but must be updated using the UW Personal page on the Modify a Person page as shown above.

  16. Employment Information page
    Note: Changing the Adj Cont. Service Date will not automatically trigger absence to recalculate vacation allocation. Please contact the Service Center if an absence trigger needs to be set.

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