L&S: Proposing New Courses & Changing Existing Courses

This document provides L&S guidance for proposing a new course and requesting changes to existing courses.


Course proposals must be submitted through Lumen Courses (you can also find the Lumen Courses widget in MyUW). 

Course proposals to add, change, or delete courses move sequentially through the following governance bodies:
  • the department governance committee that oversees curricular issues (this will be multiple departments if the course is cross-listed)
  • the L&S Curriculum Committee
  • general education review (if applicable)
  • the University Curriculum Committee.

Liberal Arts and Science Courses

In addition to reviewing course proposals for all departments and centers in the College of Letters & Science, the L&S Curriculum Committee reviews all university courses requesting the L&S breadth designations The committee also reviews proposals from non-L&S departments seeking approval for "Liberal Arts and Science" (LAS) credit. When requesting breadth and LAS designations, the course proposal will prompt the proposer to describing how the course meets L&S "Criteria for Liberal Arts and Science Courses" or to consider the question, "L&S breadth attributes: Course Criteria ".

Contact person: Kimbrin Cornelius coordinate course proposal review for L&S. Please contact her at kimbrin.cornelius@wisc.edu if you have questions or need further guidance. 

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