ResNet Registration of Devices Lacking a Built-In Browser (Game Consoles, TiVO, etc.)

This document describes the process for registering devices with Resnet that do not have a built-in browser.

For users wishing to use a game console or other device lacking a built-in web browser there are a couple of options for getting your device working with ResNet:

  1. Connecting your device directly to ResNet
  2. Connecting to ResNet using a switch or hub
  3. Connecting to ResNet through a Router

Connecting Your Device Directly to ResNet

If you wish to connect your console directly to ResNet (plugging the device into the wall outlet or connecting wirelessly) you must register the device before registering your computer. 

Note: If you have already registered your computer you can either use a computer that has not been registered with ResNet, or you can request that your computer be unregistered using the My ResNet Tool.  The process can take up to 1-2 business days.  You will be notified via email when the computer is no longer registered on ResNet.   

To begin the registration process plug the computer into the wall outlet. When the ResNet registration page appears in your web browser select the first option.

ResNet Registration Page

This will bring up a new page to register the console. Enter the MAC address of the device, along with your NetID and password. If you would like to only use your device with a wired connection you just need to register the wired MAC address for your device. If you would like to connect your console to the ResNet wireless, you will also need to register your device's wireless MAC address. 

If you are having trouble finding the MAC address for your specific console, please view this document.

Note: The Nintendo Wii cannot be registered to ResNet-Wireless. If you wish to connect a Nintendo Wii to ResNet, you will need to connect it to a Wireless Router functioning on ResNet or purchase a Nintendo Manufactured USB-Ethernet Adapter.

    ResNet Registration Page

    Connecting to ResNet Using a Switch

    The process of registering a console through a switch is very similar to the process of registering a directly-connected console. Plug both your computer and console into the switch, and plug the switch into the wall outlet.

    When the registration page appears in your web browser follow the procedure described above to register your console.

    After your console has been registered restart your computer and open up your web browser again. To register your computer with ResNet follow the instructions in ResNet Registration of Computers and Mobile Devices (Not Routers).

    Connecting to ResNet Through a Router

    If you are connecting your console through a router you may still need to register your console with ResNet.  Register your router first.  After turning off and then turning back on the router, try to connect to ResNet with your console.  If you are connected, you do not need to register your console.  If you are still unable to get an internet connection, you will need to register your console as well.  To do this you can follow the instructions in this document at the top of the page for connecting your device directly to ResNet. 

    If you need help registering your router with ResNet, please see ResNet Registration of Routers

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