Adding "L&S Credit," Level, or Breadth undergraduate course designations to courses (advice for departments)

Liberal Arts and Science (LAS), level, and breadth designations help L&S undergraduate students find courses to meet their graduation requirements. This document explains these requirements and the process by which L&S and non-L&S departments can add, change, or remove LAS, level or breadth designations.

How to add, change, or remove "L&S Credit", level and breadth designations.

Department faculty or staff must submit a course change proposal to the online course proposal system to request a course designation to be added to the course. That system will automatically forward the proposal to the L&S Curriculum Committee, which reviews requests related to these designations.
L&S Curriculum Committee members review the syllabus and the justification provided in course proposal to determine whether the course meets the criteria for the requested designations (see criteria links below).

Course criteria for L&S designations: "L&S Credit", breadth, and level

Criteria for the L&S Liberal Arts and Science ("LAS") attribute

Criteria for the L&S undergraduate "Level" attribute

L&S requirements met by these designations

Liberal Arts and Science credit requirement: Undergraduate L&S students must complete at least 108 degree credits in Liberal Arts and Science courses, which are designated as "L&S Credit."

Level requirements: L&S students are required to complete at least 60 credits in Intermediate or Advanced level work, to encourage depth of learning as well as “breadth” of learning across disciplines in their liberal arts degree. Courses are designated with an “E” (Elementary), “I” (Intermediate), and “A” (Advanced) to identify courses meet this requirement. Courses with L&S level must also have the "L&S Credit" designation.

Breadth requirements. Undergraduates across campus have breadth requirements. While they vary by college, all undergraduates must meet minimum university breadth requirements.  Guide publishes information about both university and L&S breadth requirements. Breadth designations identify the courses that meet L&S degree requirements; other schools and colleges may also use them to meet their university or college breadth requirements. Courses with breadth designations must also have the "L&S Credit" designation"

For more information or guidance, please contact Sara Stephenson (

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