TAM - Create a Job Offer

The job offer component tracks compensation offers to the selected candidate for hire and provides a means for approval by those who collaborate in the hiring decisions. Using the job offer component in TAM creates a compensation record that will feed into the compensation tab in HR job data when manage hires is used to hire the selected applicant. To create a job offer, enter the offer details such as the pay amount, frequency, date that the offer is created, and who needs to approve the offer, etc. An offer or contract letter can also be uploaded and emailed to the candidate directly from the job offer component. TAM automatically assigns the offer status. Once an offer is submitted for approval, the status is set to Pending Approval. Once the final approval has been received, the status is set to Extend.

  • Navigate to HRS Main Menu > Recruiting > Find Job Openings.

    Use the Find Job Openings page to search for specific job openings that you are associated with. Through this, you will be able to view applicants and their activity for those job openings.

  • Enter search criteria to search for a Job Opening.

    Set the search criteria in the fields and pull down menus.

    Job Opening ID - The ID associated with a specific Job Opening. Use this to find the precise Job Opening that you are looking for.

    Status - allows you to search for job postings in a particular status, such as Open, Draft, Cancelled, etc.

    Most Recent Activity - how recently the job opening has had activity.

    Job Opening Type - can limit your search to either standard requisitions or continuous job openings.

    Display Jobs - can limit your search to job openings for which you have a particular role, such as jobs assigned to you or jobs created by you.

    The Manager, Recruiter, and Originator fields enable you to search for jobs based on the members of their hiring teams.

    Additional search fields include Business Unit, Position #, Title, and Recruitment Contact.

  • Click Search.

  • Click on the Job Opening that resulted from your search.

    At the top of the job opening information screen, you will find information about the job posting including the Official Title, Position Number, and Business Unit.

    Below that, you will see the list of applicants associated with the Job Opening.

  • Click on the applicant's name that you wish to view.

    The applicant's activity screen appears, listing the job openings and dispositions that that applicant has. You will only see job openings that you are associated with.

  • Navigate to HRS Main Menu > Recruiting > Find Applicants.

    Use the Find Applicants page to locate a specific applicant and view information about that applicant.

  • Enter search criteria to search for a Job Opening.

    Set the search criteria in the fields and pull down menus.

    Job Opening ID - The ID associated with a specific Job Opening. Use this to find applicants for a specific Job Opening.

    Applicant ID - Allows you to search for an applicant based on the ID number that they are assigned.

    First Name / Last Name - Use these fields to search for an applicant based on their name.

    Applicant Status - Search for applicants based on their current status (Active, Inactive, Hired, Queued).

    Additional search fields include Disposition, Applied Within, and Applied Between.

  • Click Find Applicants. You can also click Reset Search to reset the fields and menus.

  • Click on an applicant's name in the Applicant column.

    Use the Manage Applicant page to view and modify applicant information and to perform various applicant-related actions. Initially, this page displays the Applicant Activity view.

  • In order for an applicant's disposition to change to Offer, the applicant must be in the one of the following dispositions before Prepare Job Offer is selected:

    • Applied
    • Considered for Interview
    • Route
    • Interview
    • Hold
    1. Take Action field for the desired applicant.

    2.  Select Prepare Job Offer list item. Use the Prepare Job Offer page to enter all of the information for the offer. 


      3. The top part of the Offer Details group box displays information about the job opening.

      4. The job offer component can be used for sending contract or job offer letters.  To activate this feature, select any Letter from the drop down menu (it doesn't matter which letter is chosen). 
      Upon approval of the job offer, this will activate the links of Upload Letter and Email Applicant. 
      (Step 11)


      5. Scroll down the page and enter the terms of the offer in the Job Offer Components section. Choose the Component from the drop down, Offer Amount, and Frequency for the offer. Enter any Comments into the Comments section.

      NOTE: The Comments section might be used to document the job offer approvers for future reference and record keeping or hiring specifics. Once the final job offer approval is submitted, the approval chain is no longer visible. 

      6. To add another component to the offer, click the Add Offer Component link to add a row and include additional types of pay.   Base Salary component types, Offer Amount, and  Frequency automatically flows into the Compensation tab on Job Data in the HR module at the time of hire using the Manage Hires component.  


              Example: Moving Expenses

    NOTE: Component types other than Base Salary, do not automatically flow into the Compensation tab on Job Data. 

    7.  To remove a Component from the offer, click the Garbage Can     icon.

    8. Click the Submit button.

    9. The approvals section of the page includes a graphical picture of the approval sequence for the job offer. When you review the approval chain, you can insert additional approvers or reviewers by clicking the Insert Approver nullbutton.  Any additional approvers or reviewers must also be added to the Job Opening Assignments Page in the Interested Party, or appropriate section in order to gain access to approve a job offer.

    • Use the Insert additional approver or reviewer page to identify the additional approver or reviewer. Use the magnifying glass to search by name.


    • By default, the person whom you select is an approver, whose approval is mandatory. Optionally, you can make the person a reviewer. Reviewers receive a link to the job offer so that they can review the details, but they do not approve, deny, or push back the job offer.
    • Click the Insert button. The additional approver appears in the approval diagram.


           10. Approvers use the Approve button to approve the job offer and route it to the next approver.  The Deny button can be used to reject the job offer and set its status to Denied.  The Pushback button (available for anyone other than the first approver in the chain) will return it to the previous person who submitted.

         11. To upload a contract letter or job offer letter to be emailed to the applicant, return to the Offer Details section of the job offer.  Click on the Upload Letter link that is now active.


          12. Click the Browse button to search and select the letter from a file outside of TAM.

          13. Click Upload.


    14. Click Save on the job offer page.


               This process saves the letter in the Applicant's Contact Notes.


           15. To email the uploaded letter to the applicant, click on the Email Applicant link on the job offer page.


          16. This brings up the Send Correspondence component where the email is created with the contract/offer letter included as an attachment.

          17. Complete the email and click Send.


              18.  Once the email with the contract/offer letter is sent, another Contact Note is created in the Contact Notes History for the applicant.


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