Transferring Funds from UW Foundation to 233- Projects

Overview of transferring funds from UW Foundation Accounts to 233- projects using the UW Foundation Check Request form and the Gift Check Routing form.

As a part of routine gift project management and to cover new costs you know are going to post, you may need to move money from a UW Foundation account to a 233- project in the UW Accounting system.  The chancellor has asked that we clear overdrafts on 233- projects quarterly, this is an update from the former practice of clearing overdrafts annually.  You are still permitted to have 233- overdrafts, but we must clear the overdrafts more often than in the past.

How to transfer money from UW Foundation to a 233- project:

  • Use the UW Foundation Check Request  (login, click on Fund Management in red navigation bar, select "Check/ACH request from the pull down menu) and Gift Check Routing Form (select Gift Routing Form - create new entry).  Gift Check Routing  Form Instructions.  
  • Fill out the forms online, print them out, get the required signature(s) and send the original hard copy of both forms together to Mary Machaj 408 South Hall.
  • No documentation is needed for this kind of fund transfer, but you may send attachments if you like.
If there is more than one department involved in the transfer:
  • The department with the UW Foundation fund prepares and signs the UW Foundation Check Request
  • The department that controls the  233- fund prepares and signs the Gift Check Routing Form.
  • Send the forms together or separately to Mary Machaj, 408 South Hall; if sent separately, please attach a note.
If L&S Admin UW Foundation funds are the funding source:
  • Send a signed Gift Check Routing Form; L&S will prepare the Foundation check request to match when your gift check routing form arrives.
  • Examples: Hamel faculty fellowships, Halls visiting fellowships, Associate Dean funding.

Tips for filling out the UW Foundation Check Request for transfer to 233-
  • When you get to the second page the Fund Management Tool will prefill the form when you select the "Payment type" from pull down as "UW Board of Regents/233 transfer" Use this to quickly complete the page.
  • Purpose of Expenditure: Add any additional info that will help you keep track of the purpose.  No justification is required for these transfers, they are up to the discretion of the department.
  • When you have printed out the hard copy, your Chair/Director (or Associate Chair/Director) will sign on the top line of the "University of Wisconsin Approvals."  The second line is for the L&S divisional level approval signature.

Tips for filling out the Gift Check Routing Form to accept a transfer of UWF money:

  • Use yourself as the contact, click on the  "Add/Change" button, do a search for your last name.
  • For these transfers from UWF, always fill in "UWF" as donor, not the name of the UWF fund or some other name.
  • Check number and date will default to "TBD" once you have completed the contact information, filled in UWF as the donor and completed "Option 1 (existing account) or Option 2 (new account) at the bottom of the form. 
  • If you have trouble with the form, try a different browser, sometimes that helps.


  • Money from the UW Foundation can ONLY be deposited into 233- accounts; no other UW accounts accept Foundation funds or other gift funds.
  • Money can only go from the UW Foundation to a UW 233- account, it can't go back.  It's a one way trip from UWF to UW.
  • It's up to you whether to create a new 233- or deposit the money into an existing 233-.  These projects are set up for the department's convenience, so do whatever makes it easiest for you to track the funding.
  • If you have questions, call Mary Machaj at 263-2316 or Ben Ball  at 265-1170.


UW FOUNDATION CHECK REQUEST (login, click on Fund Management in red navigation bar, select "Check/ACH Request" from the pull down menu)

GIFT CHECK ROUTING FORM (Select Gift Routing form in "Routing and Approvals section of page, on next window select "Check Routing Form - Create New Entry")


UW FOUNDATION: 1848 University Avenue, 263-4545
    UW Foundation Management System
ACCOUNTING SERVICES: 21 N. Park St. Suite 6101,  262-1214  Gifts:
RSP: 21 N. Park St. Suite 6401, 262-3822   Gifts:

L&S: Ben Ball 201D South Hall, 265-1170, or Mary Machaj,273-2316,

Please send forms to Mary Machaj, 408 South Hall

  • Original, no copies.
  • No staples, use clips.
  • Blue ink signature preferred.

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