TAM - Hiring an External Applicant from Manage Hires

Once an external applicant has been prepared for hire within TAM, the applicant gets pushed to the Manage Hires page within HR. At this point, a HR Administrator completes the hire.

Warning! Prior to hiring the applicant into HRS, you should conduct a Search Match in EPM and Search Match in HRS, to see if the employee has an EmplID.

1. Navigate to HRS Main Menu>Workforce Administration>Personal Information>Manage Hires.

2. Narrow the search criteria by selecting Source from the *Select Transactions Where:.


3. Click Recruiting Solutions from the *Equals list.


4. Click on the applicant's name for the applicant who you'd like to hire into HRS.


5. The Manage Hire Details page appears. If necessary, update or change the Desired Start Date field to reflect the employee's start date/effective date.

 If during your search in EPM and HRS an Empl ID was found, enter the EmplID into the EmplID field.


6. Click the Add Person button.


7. The Add a Person pages now appear, follow the normal hiring process steps.

During the hiring steps, you will notice some of the information is already pre-filled, review this information and enter additional information, as necessary.

First you will complete all Add a Person tabs. On the Organizational Relationship tab, you will click the Employee checkbox and click the Add Relationship button. This will bring you to the Job Data pages. Complete all the required tabs and Save. For additional resources on how to Add a Person and Hire then into a Position or Job, see the Related Jobaids and screen shots below.


  • If the applicant/candidate entered their ethnicity information during the application process, this will feed into HRS however, this process does not replace the questionnaire asked of new hires regarding their ethnicity (i.e. Is your ethnicity Hispanic/Latino?) and may need to be edited in HRS.
  • After the hire is completed and saved in HR, TAM will close the Job Opening and automatically changes the dispositions of those candidates that were not hired to "rejected".
  • For the Posting of Intent to File a Labor Certification, the configured reject reasons will NOT satisfy the US Department of Labor list of why other candidates were not selected for the job.  Please continue to recreate an acceptable list during the green card process. Please reference KB# 21580 to reference the TAM steps for this process.

Below are sample screen shots of TAM to HR 'Person' and 'Job Data' tabs. The yellow highlighted fields indicate the information that will feed in from TAM, based upon what was completed by the Applicant during their initial application process or information completed (i.e. Position) during the initial Job Opening process. The highlighted fields should be validated, confirmed and edited, if necessary.

The red outlined boxes are fields that need to be entered.

* The First and Last Name may need to be changed to all upper case, on the Biographical Details tab by clicking the Edit Name link.




Note: TAM data will NOT overwrite HR Military Status or disability data unless no HR data exists for the employee, then TAM will populate them







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