TAM - Review or Enter Applicant Reference(s)

The verification section of the Add New Applicant or Manage Applicant page records the contact information entered by applicants during the online application of their references contact information. This can also be manually updated by TAM users. Additionally, it can be used to record the information that is gathered during the process of checking an applicant's references.

REFERENCE LETTERS - If an applicant would like to add a reference letter to their application, the letter would have to be added during the initial application process before the applicant submits their application, or the reference letter would need to be added manually and uploaded as a document to the applicant's profile by a Recruiter or TA Coordinator.



  • Navigate to Recruiting > Find Job Openings.

Use the Find Job Openings page to search for specific job openings that you are associated with. Through this, you will be able to view applicants and their activity for those job openings.

  • Enter search criteria to search for a Job Opening.

Set the search criteria in the fields and pull down menus.

Job Opening ID - The ID associated with a specific Job Opening. Use this to find the precise Job Opening that you are looking for.

Status - allows you to search for job postings in a particular status, such as Open, Draft, Cancelled, etc.

Most Recent Activity - how recently the job opening has had activity.

Job Opening Type - can limit your search to either standard requisitions or continuous job openings.

Display Jobs - can limit your search to job openings for which you have a particular role, such as jobs assigned to you or jobs created by you.

The Manager, Recruiter, and Originator fields enable you to search for jobs based on the members of their hiring teams.

Additional search fields include Business Unit, Position #, Title, and Recruitment Contact.

  • Click Search.
  • Click on the Job Opening that resulted from your search.

At the top of the job opening information screen, you will find information about the job posting including the Official Title, Position Number, and Business Unit.

Below that, you will see the list of applicants associated with the Job Opening.

  • Click on the applicant's name that you wish to view.

The applicant's activity screen appears, listing the job openings and dispositions that that applicant has. You will only see job openings that you are associated with.

  • Navigate to Recruiting > Find Applicants.

Use the Find Applicants page to locate a specific applicant and view information about that applicant.

  • Enter search criteria to search for a Job Opening.

Set the search criteria in the fields and pull down menus.

Job Opening ID - The ID associated with a specific Job Opening. Use this to find applicants for a specific Job Opening.

Applicant ID - Allows you to search for an applicant based on the ID number that they are assigned.

First Name / Last Name - Use these fields to search for an applicant based on their name.

Applicant Status - Search for applicants based on their current status (Active, Inactive, Hired, Queued).

Additional search fields include Disposition, Applied Within, and Applied Between.

  • Click Find Applicants. You can also click Reset Search to reset the fields and menus.
  • Click on an applicant's name in the Applicant column.

Use the Manage Applicant page to view and modify applicant information and to perform various applicant-related actions. Initially, this page displays the Applicant Activity view.

  1. Locate the Applicant for which you are viewing or entering references.
  2. Use the Manage Applicant page to view and update many types of information about job applicants.
  3. Click the Applicant Data link. Initially, the Applicant data page lists applicants and resumes.


  4. Click the Verification link to access information about the applicant's references.


  5. Click the Edit Reference link.
  6. null

6. Use the Edit Reference Details page to view existing reference information.

   7.  Click the Add Reference link to add an additional reference.
    8. Use the Add Reference Details page to enter reference information for an applicant. Minimally, you must add the fields with an asterisk (Date Contacted, Reference Type and Reference Name).


    9. Use the Date Contacted field to record the date on which you spoke to the reference. The default is the current date.
   10. Click the Reference Type list and select either Personal, Professional or Both from the drop down list.
   11. Click in the Reference Name field. Enter reference names in the format, Last Name, First Name.
   12. Click in the Title field and enter the desired reference's title into the Title field.
   13. Click in the Employer field and enter the reference's Employer into this field.
   14. Click in the Country field and enter the reference's country.
   15. Click the Edit Address link to add the reference's address.
   16. Click in the Contact Phone field and enter the reference's contact phone number.
   17. Click in the Comment field and enter the comment text.
   18. Click the OK button.

   The newly added reference now appears in the References grid. You can edit the reference name, title, and employer directly in the grid. To make any other changes, click the Edit Reference link.

    19. Click the Save button.

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