TAM - Manage Applicant Lists

Applicant lists are logical groupings of applicants that recruiters can use to facilitate the recruiting process. Recruiters can add applicants to a list and then perform tasks for one, several, or all applicants on the list at the same time.
Lists can be public or private. The creator of an applicant list is the owner of the list. All recruiters and hiring managers have access to public lists. They can view public lists, take actions on the applicants in the lists, add applicants to the lists, and view primary list information, but they cannot make changes to the primary list information. Only the list owner can edit primary list information for public lists. For private lists, only the list owner can view and make changes to the lists.

1. Navigate HRS Main Menu>Recruiting>Applicants Lists.


2. Use the Applicant Lists page to view and manage manually compiled applicant lists. Initially, the page displays only lists that you created.

3. Click the Display list.

4. Click the All Lists list item.


5. You must refresh the page after changing the display option. Click the Refresh button.

6. Use the Applicant List page to view the contents of a specific list. The Applicant grid lists the included applicants and their contact information.


7. Use the Find Applicant field to search a list for a specific applicant. Enter the desired information into the Find Applicant field.


8. Click the Go button.

9. The applicant list is filtered to display only applicants who meet your search criteria. 

10. You can perform several actions from the applicant list. To view the available actions, click the Select Action list.

Note: You can perform both list-management actions such as adding selected applicants to another list and general recruiting actions such as routing or forwarding selected applicants to be reviewed.

11.  You can modify information about an existing list. Click the Edit Primary List Data link.

12. Use the Edit Primary List Information page to change the name of a list, make it active or inactive, change whether it is a public or private list, or update the description.


13. Click the Continue button, once you are done.

14. To return to the page that shows all applicant lists, click the Back to List link.

15. Click the Create New List button. Use the Create New List page to enter basic information about a new list.


16. Enter the desired information into the List Name (i.e.Accountants)


17. Click in the Description field and enter the desired description.

18. Click the Continue button.

19. A newly created list has no members. Click the Add Applicants button.


20. Use the Find Applicants page to locate the applicants whom you want to add to a list. Use the search feature and click the Find Applicants button.


Note: You can add several applicants to a list at the same time by selecting multiple rows from the search results and then using the Group Action field.

21. Locate the applicant whom you want to add to the list. Click the Take Action list to add an individual applicant or click the Group Action list to include more than one applicant after selecting their names (via checkbox).


22. Click the Add Applicant to Saved List from the drop down. Use the Select Applicant List page to identify the existing list to which you want to add one or more applicants.

23. Click the Select List from the drop down. Choose your newly created list item.


24. Click the Add to List button. The selected applicant has been added to the list.



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