TAM - Sending Interview Evaluation Reminders

Recruiters can run the Interview Evaluation Reminder process; this process specifies a range of interview dates. TAM then sends a notification to all interviewers for the business unit and job openings, who have not submitted an interview evaluation for an interview scheduled during the specified time frame.

1. Navigate to HRS Main Menu>Recruiting>Administration>Interview Evaluation Reminder.

2. This process can be run by searching for an existing run control ID, or you can add a new value. 

3. Click the Add button if you need to create a new run control ID. (To create a run control ID, reference the run control ID job aid: PD - Setting Up Run Control IDs.)


4. If you already have run control ID set up, click on the Find an Existing Value tab, click the Search button, and select the run control ID you wish to use.

Use the Interview Evaluation Reminder page to enter the request parameters. These parameters will be used to define the processing rules and data to be included when the process is run.

5. TAM then sends evaluation reminders for interviews that were scheduled during a time period you specify. By default, the date range includes only the current date.

6. Instead of entering specific dates, you can choose the number of days prior to today that you want to include. If you choose this option, the system ignores the values in the date fields.

7. Select your time period.

8. Click the Run button.


9. Use the Process Scheduler Request page to enter or update run parameters such as the server name and process output format.

10. You must select a server, select PSNT from the Server Name drop down.

11. Use the Type field (File, Web) to select the type of output you want to generate for this job.

12. Use the Format field (HTM, PDF, TXT, XLS) to define the output format for the report. The values depend upon the process type that you have selected.

13. Click the OK button.


14. The Interview Evaluation Reminder page returns. Notice that the Process Instance number appears. When you check the status of your process, this number helps you identify the process that you ran.


15. To view the status of your process, access the Process Monitor. Click the Process Monitor link. You can also reference the Process Monitor KB PD - Viewing the Process Monitor.

16. Use the Process List page to view the status of submitted process requests.

17. The current status of the process (which you recognize by its process instance) is Queued. The process is finished when the status is Success.

18. Click the Refresh button periodically until the status is Success.


19. Click the Go back to Interview Evaluation Reminder link. You have successfully sent interview evaluation reminders via email.


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