TAM - Search for Job Opening(s)

You can search for job openings based on a variety of criteria, including:

  • The job opening ID.
  • The job status.
  • How recently activity has occurred in the job opening.
  • The type of opening (continuous posting or standard requisition).
  • Your relationship with the job opening (creator, member of the hiring team, and so forth).
  • Manager, recruiter, or originator.
  • Business unit.
  • Position number or job title.
Only job openings for which you are associated will appear in the search results.

  1. Navigate to HRS Main Menu > Recruiting > Find Job Openings.

    Find Job Openings Page

    Use the Find Job Openings page to search for job openings that meet the criteria that you specify. Searching by Job Opening ID is the most efficient way to access the record for a specific job opening whose ID you know.

    The only search criteria field with a default value is the Status field, which is set to search for job openings in an open status.

  2. Set your search criteria by using the fields and pull-down menus.

    Status - allows you to search for job postings in a particular status, such as Open, Draft, Cancelled, etc.

    Helpful tip: If you do not know the status of the job opening for which you are searching, blank out the Status field to return all job openings you are associated.

    Most Recent Activity - how recently the job opening has had activity.

    Job Opening Type - can limit your search to either standard requisitions or continuous job openings.

    Display Jobs - can limit your search to job openings for which you have a particular role, such as jobs assigned to you or jobs created by you.

    The Manager, Recruiter, and Originator fields enable you to search for jobs based on the members of their hiring teams.

    Additional search fields include Business Unit, Position #, Title, and Recruitment Contact.

  3. Once you have entered your search criteria, click the Search button. You can also clear your criteria by clicking the Reset button.

    Search Results Page

    The search results grid displays summary information about the job openings that meet your criteria. When you perform a search, the search criteria fields are hidden. To access these fields, expand the section labeled Click icon to open Job Opening Search Criteria.

    Expand Criteria Icon

    The criteria from your previous search are retained. If you want to perform a different search, you can click the Reset button to clear all of the search criteria fields.

  4. You can click on the linked text of the job opening to view more information.

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