TAM - Screen Applicants

Screening applicants involves running a process that evaluates all of the applicants for a job opening against the criteria created for the Minimum and/or Preferred Qualifications.
After the process is run, you can review the screening results for all of the applicants. The results include a pass/fail indicator and a score. You can also see the recommended disposition for each applicant. By applying the results, you can update the applicants' dispositions according to those recommendations.

Note: Once the screening process is completed and an applicant who did not meet the screening requirements is reviewed again, other applicants should be reconsidered again as well to ensure equitable treatment of all applicants.

1. Navigate to HRS Main Menu>Recruiting>Find Job Openings.

2. Use the Find Job Openings page to locate a specific job opening. After entering your search criteria, click the Search button.

3. Click the Job Opening you'd like to screen applicants for on the Search Results page.


4. On the Job Opening page, click on the Screen Applicants link within the Manage Applicants section. Use the Screen Applicants page to run screening levels for all applicants.

NOTE: If the Screen Applicants link is not visable, log out of HRS (TAM) and log back into HRS. This action should reactivate the link.


5. Click the Run list. The Run field lists the screening levels that are associated with this job opening.

6. Select the one that you want to run from the pull down (Minimum Qualifications and/or Preferred Qualifications).


7. Clicking the Go button runs the process immediately. There is no run control page for choosing run options.

8. Click the Process Monitor link that appears.This opens a new browser window where you can check the status of the screening process.

9. You need to refresh the page to see the results of the completed process. Click the Refresh button on the Process Monitor page until you see a Run Status of Success and Distribution Status of Posted listed. Close the new browser window.

10. Click the Refresh Page button nullto enable you to view the results.


11. After the screening level has been run at least once for the job opening, the View Screening Results link is available. Note that running the screening results does not update the applicant's dispositions. Click the View Screening Results link.


12. The Screening Results page displays a list of the applicants that were processed in that screening level. 

It also displays:

  • The amount of points that the applicant accumulated for that screening level (determined by the points assigned to the screening criteria identified for that screening level).
  • A percent score, based on the above points (a percent-to-total possible points for the level)
  • A Status of Pass/Fail (determined by the Percent Needed to Pass value, found on the screening level definition.

You can run additional screening levels (i.e. Preferred Qualifications) from this page, by clicking on the Run list and selecting the screening level, while following steps 6-9 from above.

13. The Screening Levels scroll area will have two rows if both screening levels were used and the screening processes run. Click the Next Row arrow button to view the next row.  Or you can click the View All to view both levels at the same time.


14. By reviewing the rows and the Applicant Results, you will see which applicants passed or failed. Click on the applicant's score to review detailed screening results.

15. The Screening Details page displays screening results for the applicant. If the Job Opening had multiple Job Codes, each job code will have a row of results.


16. Click the Return to Previous Page at the bottom, once your review is complete. To adjust the scoring criteria, click on the View Screening Levels link, then click Edit.

17. Applicants are assigned a screening disposition of Screen or Unqualifd, based on the score they receive for the screening level. This screening disposition is not automatically assigned to the applicants actual disposition until the Apply Results button is applied. After all review and editing is complete, click the Apply Results button  to update the applicants' dispositions based on the results of the screening process.


The Apply Results process should be run after ALL applicants have applied.

If the process is run in two different times, one will not be able to see the disposition status of the applicants run in the first group.

      Under the applicants' dispositions:

  • Screen = Meets minimum qualifications
  • Under Review=Met some of the qualifications

18. A soft warning message will appear, confirming that you want to apply the screen results and update the applicant's dispositions. Click the OK button to proceed.

NOTE: For a Continuous Recruitment, run the screening when needed and then use the Applicant Screening Report to determine which applicants should be selected for consideration based on the answers provided. To run the Applicant Screening Report, navigate to Recruiting>UW Reports>Applicant Screening Report. Please reference KB 20552 - TAM - Report List for a sample. 

Applying results finalizes the screening process and excludes the affected applicants from any subsequent screening processes.


19. Click the View All Applicants link. Note that all the applicant dispositions have been updated based on the screening results.


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