Running the Financial Aid Regulatory Report in HRS


This report displays a count of students who hold work study awards and the sum of federal share and departmental share earnings for each student job type for the given fiscal year.

Process Considerations:

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  1. Navigate to UW Payroll > Financial Aid Reg RptFISAP
  2. Enter or set up a Run Control ID and click Search - for additional information on Run Control see Setting Up Run Control IDs in HRS
  3. financial aid reg report FISAP
  4. Enter Fiscal Year and Business Unit.

    financial aid reg report FISAP search

  5. Leave the Type and Format as the default “Web” and “PDF”. Click OK to run the report.

    9.2 financial aid reg report process scheduler

  6. Use the Process Monitor and View Log/Trace to monitor and view report - see Viewing the Process Monitor in HRS
  7. Select the PDF file from the list.

    9.2 financial aid reg report view log

  8. The report will look like the image below:

    9.2 Financial Aid Reg Report - FISAP output

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