TAM - Using Saved Searches

*Recruiters Security Roles only*
Resume and Application searches and Advanced Keyword Searches can be saved so that you can easily rerun them at any time.

If the search is associated with a job opening, you can optionally save it as an Automatch search. The system runs Automatch Searches on a regular schedule. When the system finds an applicant who matches the criteria, a workflow sends an email to the recruiters who are responsible for the requisitions. Recruiters can view the results of the Automatch search and then link the applicants to the job opening.

  1. Navigate to HRS Main Menu > Recruiting > Find Applicants.

    Use the Find Applicants page to locate specific applicants. The Applicant Search does not include the option of saving search criteria.

    If the Search My Applicants checkbox is

    • Checked, the search will return applicants who are attached to a job opening within your business unit.
    • Unchecked, the search will return applicants from your business unit who are not connected to a job opening.

    Performing a Resume and Application Search allows you to save the search to use at a later time. You must first enter the search criteria. You can enter data into either the Keywords or Application Received fields for the Basic Search criteria.

    You can also choose to perform a more detailed search, by clicking the Advanced Search link and entering criteria into certain fields.

     2. Enter search criteria for the Saved Search.

Screenshot of the Find Applicants search page 

Set the search criteria in the fields and pull down menus.

Job Opening ID - The ID associated with a specific Job Opening. Use this to find applicants for a specific Job Opening.

Applicant ID - Allows you to search for an applicant based on the ID number that they are assigned.

First Name / Last Name - Use these fields to search for an applicant based on their name.

Applicant Status - Search for applicants based on their current status (Active, Inactive, Hired, Queued).

Additional search fields include Disposition, Applied Within, and Applied Between.

3. And/or Enter Keywords field and enter your data, for example "human resources."

Screenshot of the Resume and Application Search area highlighted

You do not have to complete the search before saving the criteria.

If you plan to use the Search as an Automatch search, you will need to include the Job Opening ID number in the Applicant Search section above.

4. Click Save Search. This will bring up the Save Search Page.

Screenshot of Save Search button highlighted


Use the Save Search page to name your saved search criteria and set its attributes.

Search Name - The desired name of this saved search.

Status - Sets the status of the search, whether it is an active or inactive search.

Access - Set the access to this search. If you set it to Public, any user can access it. If you set it to Private, only you can access it.

5. Click Save. The Saved Searches page will appear, listing all of the saved searches you have created and set to private access, as well as all public searches you have access to. From here, you could either run the saved search by clicking the linked Search or View Results word.

Sample Saved Search - not Automatch:null

Sample Saved Search with Automatch:


6. Return to the Find Applicants page. From here, you can run your saved searches by using the Saved Resume and Applicant Search pull down list.

Screenshot of Saved Resume and Applicant Search

Choose your saved search from the pull down list, and then click Find Applicants to run the search.

7. To view your saved searches without going to the Find Applicants page, you can click on the Saved Searches link in the HRS menu.

Screenshot of Saved Searches link

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