TAM - Send Letter to Applicant

Send Correspondence is an action that enables you to send a message and attachments to an applicant, such as a letter template. You can download a letter template to send to an applicant, while customizing the letter with your business unit and information for the applicant, such as the job opening. Send Correspondence is restricted to the Recruiter and TA Coordinator roles.

When you send the correspondence to an applicant, TAM saves the message as a contact note that you can view in the Contact History group box on the Manage Applicant - Contact Notes page. Anyone with access to view Contact Notes can view any Contact Notes for an applicant as it is not Job Opening specific.

 NOTE: If you are experiencing problems downloading or generating the letters your internet settings may need to be changed, please reference to KB # 21204 for assistance. If once the internet settings have been changed and the pop up blockers are enabled and the letter does not open, try holding down the Control key while clicking on the Generate Letter link until it opens.

  • Navigate to HRS Main Menu > Recruiting > Find Job Openings.

    Use the Find Job Openings page to search for specific job openings that you are associated with. Through this, you will be able to view applicants and their activity for those job openings.

  • Enter search criteria to search for a Job Opening.

    Set the search criteria in the fields and pull down menus.

    Job Opening ID - The ID associated with a specific Job Opening. Use this to find the precise Job Opening that you are looking for.

    Status - allows you to search for job postings in a particular status, such as Open, Draft, Cancelled, etc.

    Most Recent Activity - how recently the job opening has had activity.

    Job Opening Type - can limit your search to either standard requisitions or continuous job openings.

    Display Jobs - can limit your search to job openings for which you have a particular role, such as jobs assigned to you or jobs created by you.

    The Manager, Recruiter, and Originator fields enable you to search for jobs based on the members of their hiring teams.

    Additional search fields include Business Unit, Position #, Title, and Recruitment Contact.

  • Click Search.

  • Click on the Job Opening that resulted from your search.

    At the top of the job opening information screen, you will find information about the job posting including the Official Title, Position Number, and Business Unit.

    Below that, you will see the list of applicants associated with the Job Opening.

  • Navigate to HRS Main Menu > Recruiting > Find Applicants.           

Use the Find Applicants page to locate a specific applicant and view information about that applicant.

  •  Enter search criteria to search for a Job Opening

Set the search criteria in the fields and pull down menus.

Job Opening ID - The ID associated with a specific Job Opening. Use this to find applicants for a specific Job Opening.

Applicant ID - Allows you to search for an applicant based on the ID number that they are assigned.

First Name / Last Name - Use these fields to search for an applicant based on their name.

Applicant Status - Search for applicants based on their current status (Active, Inactive, Hired, Queued).

Additional search fields include Disposition, Applied Within, and Applied Between.

  • Click Find Applicants. You can also click Reset Search to reset the fields and menus.
  • Click on an applicant's name in the Applicant column

Use the Manage Applicant page to view and modify applicant information and to perform various applicant-related actions. Initially, this page displays the Applicant Activity view.

  1. Locate the row of the applicant to whom you are sending email. Click the Take Action list in the applicant's row.

    NOTE: To send a letter to multiple applicants, you would select those applicants and use the Group Action field to initiate the email correspondence. See illustration after step 10 below.


  2. Click the Send Correspondence list item.


  3. Use the Send Correspondence page to compose the letter that you are sending.
  4. From the *Contact Method pull down choose Letter.
  5. Choose the *Letter that should be sent from the drop down list.


6. Indicate if this letter should be viewable by others (Public) or not (Private) from the dropdown for *Access.

7. Enter any notes that are need for record keeping purposes.

8. Click the Generate button to download the letter template for editing.

9. The Word document version of the letter template loads. Edit the letter with your business unit and specific job opening information.

10. Print and mail to applicant or save and attach as an email correspondence to the applicant.


Use the Group Action menu to send correspondence to multiple applicants.

1. Use the Manage Applicants page to locate specific applicants.

2. Check the boxes next to the applicants you want to send correspondence.

3. Click the Group Action list.

4. Click the Send Correspondence list item.

5. Click the Go button.


6. Use the Send Correspondence page to create an email or letter to multiple applicants.  The selected applicants will appear in the To: line. Applicants will only see their own name/email when they receive an email, not the names/emails of the others.

NOTE:  If attachments are included in the correspondence and a value is entered in the Description field(s) of the Attachments section, the value must end with the file's corresponding extension (Example:  .pdf) or the recipient will only receive a generic file that cannot be opened with the appropriate program.  This field can also be left blank and the recipient will receive the correct file type without issue. 

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