Requesting a CAE Lab Reservation

How to request a CAE Lab reservation

This guide will help you through requesting the use of a CAE Classroom.

Start, by opening a web browser to:


Click on the UW Madison Students, Faculty and Staff Login here link and login with your campus netid

If this is the first time you are using the request form, you may not have the Reservations menu. On first login, a notification was sent to the scheduling manager to authorize you for the system. This could take a day or two to process. If you still don't have the Reservations menu, please send an email to

Start Request

Move the mouse over the Reservations word and a drop-down menu should appear. Click on the Request CAE Lab Reservation item from the list.

Select Date

Select the date you wish to reserve the CAE Lab. You can click on the set of grey squares next to the text to bring up a calendar.

Select Time

Select the start and end time of your event. You can click on the clock icon to choose the time. Just be aware that the times in the list start at midnight. You will need to scroll down the list to find the time you want.  If the exact start or end time is not in the selection list is not present, pick a time from the list that is close, then edit the text in the start or end time window.


Next pick the building where the lab is. If you just want to find any available room, select the (all) entry.

Select Type

Select the type of room that you are looking for from the drop down list. Once you have selected the type of computer lab, press the Find Space button.

Select Rooms

The system will show you a list of rooms that match your selection criteria. It will show a grid with all the current events currently scheduled. A shaded vertical bar will highlight the time of your reservation across all the rooms.  In the Cap column, the number is showing the available number of computers in that room.  When you find an open room that meets your needs, click on the green plus icon to select the room for your request. You can select more than one room for the request. Rooms you have selected will appear above the room list. If you selected the wrong room by mistake, you can click on the red X to remove the room from your selection.

If you need more information about a room, you can click on the room name to bring up a window showing additional details about the room. Some of the rooms have extra seating. To see if the room has extra seating available, click on the room name. Then click on the Setup Types tab. If there is extra seating available, it will be indicated here as shown in the example below.

Extra Seating

To close the information window, click on the X in the upper right hand corner of the pop-up window.

Once you have picked a room that meets your needs, click on the Continue button.


You will now need to provide information about your event.

Enter Details

Please be as descriptive as possible for your Event Name.  The Primary Contact will be shown on the web schedules. If you have more than one contact, please enter both. You will need to leave the Primary Contact field set to WebEntry and the 1st Contact field set to (temporary contact). Any item that has a red * next to it is a required field.  Once you have entered in all the information, click on the Submit Reservation button. If all the information requested is entered, you will be presented with a confirmation screen similar to the one below:

Confirmation Screen

After your request has been submitted, the person that oversees the room will need to process your request. This should happen in short time. You can check on the status of your request by selecting the View My Requests from the Reservations menu.

View Requests

This will display your requests - similar to the picture below.
View Requests

If you have troubles submitting your request or getting it approved, take a look at this article.

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