SharedDrive - SharedDrive (Departmental File and Print Sharing) Customers

This documents lists the customers who are impacted by an outage to the SharedDrive (DoIT Departmental File and Print Sharing) Service.

SharedDrive Current Customer Information

Department Name Point of Contact POC Email Drive Name Bucky Backup Node
Agronomy PAT Glen Nice\agronomy  AGRONOMY (BBL)
Agronomy Soy John Gaska\agronomy-soy AGRO-SOY (BBL)
Agronomy Weeds Vince Davis\agronomy-weeds AGRO-WEEDS (BBL)
Arboretum Departmental Support\arb-drive ARB-DRIVE (BBL)
Bacteriology Janet Newlands\bact-files BACT-FILES (BBL)
Bascom Platinum Departmental Support\bascplat-home BASCPLAT-HOME (BBE)\bascplat-shared BASCPLAT-SHARED (BBE)\bascplat-apps BASCPLAT-APPS (BBE)
Botany Bil Alverson\botany-drive N/A
Center for Jewish Studies Kesha Weber\cjs-stan CJS-STAN (BBL)
Communications Aids and Systems Clinic (CASC) Departmental Support\casc-data CASC-DATA (BBL)
Daily Cardinal Emily Rosenbaum\cardinal-drive CARDINAL-DRIVE (BBL)
Departmental Support Departmental Support\dds-logs N/A
Dermatology Dave Lorman\derm DERM-SHARED (BBE)
Digital Media Center (DMC) Dan LaValley and Josh Harder\dmc-drive N/A
Division of Enrollment Management (DEM) Departmental Support\em DEM-SHARED (BBL)
DoIT Departmental Support\users DOIT-HOME (BBE)\shared DOIT-SHARED-MSCS (BBE)\apps DOIT-APPS (BBE)\labs DOIT-LABS (BBL)
DoIT Video Departmental Support\doit-video DOIT-VIDEO (BBL)
Food Research Institute (FRI) Janet Newlands\fri-files FRI-FILES (BBL)
Grad James Leaver\grad GRAD-DATA (BBE)
History John Persike\history-drive N/A
InfoLabs Departmental Support\info-shared N/A
  Sean Griffin\info-scripts INFOSCRIPTS (BBE)\info-scratch N/A
Journalism Sterling Anderson\journalism JOURNALISM (BBL)
Laboratory Animal Resources (LAR) Bryan Reagan\lar-data LAR-DATA (BBL)
Learning Support Services (LSS) Brian Deith\lss-dept N/A
OCPD Departmental Support\ocpd-shared OCPD-SHARED (BBE)\ocpd-archive OCPD-ARCHIVE (BBE)\ocpd-home OCPD-HOME (BBE)
Population Health Sciences (PHS) Departmental Support\phs-drive PHS-DRIVE (BBL)
RaDS - Old Departmental Support\rads-software RADS-SOFTWARE (BBL)\rads-logs N/A\rads-wit RADS-WIT (BBE)\rads-labs N/A\rads-storage N/A
RaDS Recovery Repair - Tech Store (Jake Lewis & Caitlin Staley) and\rads-recovery RADS-RECOVERY (BBL)
ROTC Departmental Support\rotc-shared ROTC-DRIVE (BBL)\rotc-home  
RSO Departmental Support\rso-data RSO-DATA (BBE)\gssf-shared GSSF-SHARED (BBL)
RSP Beth Scott\rsp RSP-DATA (BBE)
SMPH Network & Security Group (NSG) Michael Ippolito\smph-nsg-share SMPH-NSG-SHARE (BBL)
Social Work Bret Huisenga\socwork-drive SOCWORK-DRIVE (BBL)
SpanPort Sean Goodroad\spanport N/A
TOPS Lab Stephen Rau\topslab-backup N/A
University Communications and Marketing (UCM) Darrell Schulte\ucm-drive UCM-DRIVE (BBL)
UW MOOCs (DoIT AT) Departmental Support\uw-moocs UW-MOOCS (BBL)
UW Press Departmental Support\uwpress-data UWPRESS-DATA (BBL)
UWSA Service Center Departmental Support\uwsa-sc UWSA-DRIVE (BBL)
Visitor & Information Programs (VIP) Departmental Support\vip-multimedia VIP-MULTIMEDIA (BBL)
Waisman Outreach (WAIO) Departmental Support\waio-drive WAIO-DRIVE (BBL)
WisCEL David Moe\wiscel WISCEL (BBE)

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