L&S Academic Probation System for Undergraduates

This sections explains how L&S undergraduate students qualify to be placed on probation.

An undergraduate student in the College of Letters & Science is placed on probation when his/her term [fall/spring term or summer session(s)] GPA falls below a 2.000.   The probation system is designed to serve as a warning to students to let them know that their academic performance (either in a series of classes or through their GPA) is not strong enough for them to be making acceptable progress towards their undergraduate degree.  If things are not going well and a student's grades are declining, the probation system allows a student a semester to improve his/her grades.  In short, the probation system gives students time to assess their strategies and to make some improvements so that they may obtain the required 2.000 GPA needed to graduate.  More detailed information can be found at probation.

The L&S Undergraduate Probation System is as follows:

Students can clear probation when:

All L&S undergraduate students are required to have at least a 2.000 cumulative GPA (a "C" average) in order to graduate with a degree in L&S.  A student must also earn a term GPA of 2.000 each semester/term in order to not be placed on probation. 

Any L&S undergraduate who has been dropped or placed on academic suspension for one calendar year will have a notation placed on their academic record giving the exact date when the dropped status was posted. Students who think that they might be on probation, strict probation or in drop status should speak with their undergraduate advisor(s) as soon as possible for more guidance. Students can find the contact information for their academic advisor(s) in their MyUW Student Center.

Additional information can be found at Probation and Drop System and Information on Appealing your "Dropped for One Year" Status.

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