The Studio: Creative Arts and Design Learning Community

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821 W. Johnson Street
Madison, WI, 53706

This learning community, located in Sellery Hall and nicknamed "The Studio," is sponsored by the Arts Institute, and it was created for students with interests in dance, theatre, art, literature, film, fashion, music, design, engineering, and computer science. The CADC serves as a multi-layered collective for students to cultivate creative skills and interests through civic engagement, entrepreneurship, invention, collaboration and the performing, visual, and design arts of the 21st century. It provides access to multi-disciplinary rehearsal and performance space, as well as a music practice room and visual arts studio.

CAD Learning Community Offers:

The program fee for the Creative Arts and Design Community is $200. Based on the FAFSA you submit, you may qualify for a grant to cover some or the entire fee. For consideration, please e-mail us at

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