Deadline for Submitting Work After an Incomplete (I) Grade

The following sections explains the deadline and the steps an L&S undergraduate student needs to take in order to satisfy the work for an Incomplete grade.

What is the deadline for turning in work if a student received an Incomplete in a class?

If an instructor agrees to grant a student an Incomplete (I) in a class, the student has until the end of the fourth week of the classes of the student's next semester/term in residence (this does not include summer) to submit the required work.  An instructor can decide to require an earlier deadline for submitting work.  In other words, an instructor can set an earlier deadline for completing all required work for a course if a grade of incomplete is granted to a student.  Students should make sure they speak with their instructor about expectations for completing course work and have a clear understanding of the deadline for submitting unfinished work.

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