Initial Review Application Help

Help specific to the ED/SBS IRB Initial Review application

Section 1
Basic Study Information
PI Status
Study Team
Study Team: Roles
Funding: General (Q7.1)
Funding: General (Q 7.2 - 7.3)
Funded Studies
Conflict of Interest (COI) Registration

Section 2
Type of Application
Protocol Development Actvities (PDA)

Section 3
Study Location: General
Study Location(s): UW-Madison Sites
Sites Outside of the U.S.
Multi-Site UW-Madison Serving as IRB of Record
Request for UW-Madison to Serve as IRB of Record

Section 4
Study Summary
Special Considerations and Procedures

Section 5
Research Design and Procedures

Section 6
Risks and Benefits: General
Risk/Benefit Analysis

Section 7
Subject Population: Vulnerable Group Checklist
Status Relationships

Section 8
Recruitment Methods
Subject Recruitment: Continued
Prelimary Screening

Section 9
Privacy and Confidentiality

Section 10
Informed Consent: General
Alteration of Informed Consent Process
Waiver of Signed Consent
Informed Consent: Overview

Section 11
HIPAA: General
Request for Waiver, Altered, or Partial Waiver of Authorization

Section 12
Audio Recordings/Video Recordings/Photographs
Audio Recordings

Section 14
Collection and/or Use of Biological Specimens: General

Section 15

Section 20
International Research

Section 21
Interviews, Focus Groups, Surveys, Questionnaires, Assessments
Cognitive and Psychological Assessments
Interviews, Focus Groups, Surveys, Questionnaires, Assessments: Continued

Section 26
Research Activities Occurring in an Educational Setting

Section 27
Review of Records/Data/Images

Section 30
Community Based Research

Section 31
Use of New Media

Application Complete
Final Page