L&S Undergraduate Advising Appointment Set Up

The following section explains how L&S undergraduate students can find out the name/contact information for their advisor and set up an individual academic advising appointment.

How do I set up an appointment to meet with my L&S undergraduate advisor?

Students can set up an academic advising appointment with their assigned advisor by contacting their advisor directly.   Advisors will be able to share the best way to set up an appointment.  Information about finding an advisor is located at: 

Find an Advisor

Current Students Advising Information

In general students can find their assigned academic advisor in their Student Center.   Instruction on how to access the advisor name in Student Center is as follows:
  1. Login to My UW-Madison
  2. Open the Student Center module
    • In New MyUW:  if it not added to favorites by default, search "Student Center" in the search bar and then click the green "launch" button.
    • In My UW Classic: it is located in the Student Services tab or in the QuickLinks.
  3. Click on the "My Academics" link in the Student Center or the "details" link in the right hand column in the Advisor module.  If clicking on the My Academics link, then click on the "My Advisors" link.
  4. If you see anything wrong with the information displayed, you should contact the advising office which has assigned your advisor.  
If you are not sure how to find an advisor or the right advising unit to help, please refer to the "Not Sure" link for more assistance.

If you are ready to declare a major, you should contact the individual academic department(s) directly in order to declare a major and get an advisor within your academic program assigned.  Information regarding majors can be found at:

L&S Undergraduate Majors and Special Degree Programs